Xiaomi Huanxing HN1 Mini Nose Trimmer Selling at $9.58 [Trending Sale]


The Xiaomi Huanxing HN1 Mini Nose Trimmer is a convenient and effective device that will get rid of unwanted hairs easily and gently. Its waterproof design allows you to use it while you shower, and its compact size allows you to take the device with you on any trip or travel. Always be confident and make your daily care even easier and more comfortable.

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The Xiaomi Huanxing HN1 Mini Nose Trimmer blades are made of Japanese 420J2 low carbon stainless steel, which is highly resistant to corrosion. They stay sharp longer for the fastest and most thorough hair removal possible. One-way, sharp and durable cutting head Adopts 420j2 steel, one-way cutter head design. Built-in blade fits the inner wall, the head diameter is small, protects the nasal cavity, not easy to pull hair, it is safer and more comfortable. Small cutting head. The head with blades has a small diameter and is protected by a special metal shield. It prevents the blades from contacting the skin and provides a comfortable shave without unpleasant sensations.


The Xiaomi Huanxing HN1 Mini trimmer is equipped with a high-performance motor rotating at more than 10 thousand revolutions per minute. This allows the device to easily get rid of even thick and coarse hair. The Xiaomi Huanxing Mini Nose Trimmer is simple, ergonomic and functional. The control of the device is organized with just one button at the base of the device, which greatly simplifies the work with it. And the metal body of the device is not only very durable, but also fits comfortably in the hand. Save your time and use the trimmer while showering in the morning or evening. With its sealed design, it is water resistant, giving the user the choice between a comfortable dry shave or a refreshing wet shave. It also makes it easier to clean the trimmer itself – after use, you just need to rinse it under the tap.

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Buy Youpin Huanxing HN1 Trimmers on Aliexpress


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