Youpin ZANJIA ZJ GT-3016W Steamer Available at Just $38.35


The Youpin ZANJIA ZJ GT-3016W Steamer uses hot steam to smooth your clothes. With hot steam technology, you can avoid the risk of burning clothes. Compared to conventional irons, the Xiaomi Steam Iron is much more practical and safe to use.

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The Youpin ZANJIA ZJ GT-3016W Steamer has a fluid nozzle aluminum alloy and a ceramic glaze anion powder panel, achieve special secondary heating technology. When the steam reaches the nozzle of the ironing machine through the duct, the ironing board carries on the second heating and pressurization, The steam is atomized again, the steam of the jet is strongly saturated, the clothes fibers are infiltrated. Achieve the effect of ironing and shaping.


ZANJIA ZJ GT-3016W Steamer has 1200W of strong steam, instantly generating steam. Gentle and hot, giving the best protection to every place in the clothes. Using SteamPlus smart technology, intelligent steam heating, instantly generates steam, without damaging clothes. Quickly remove the wrinkles of your clothes. It can be worn immediately after ironing, reshaping the texture of the clothes. The design is very meticulous and careful, hanging Ironing, flat ironing, combined into one, feel free to move. Exquisite flat ironing, remove wrinkles for clothes, the force is very uniform. Multi dimensionally restores the texture of the clothes, making the clothes as beautiful as they were when they were just received.

One button operation, quick control of steam after the hand leaves the button. The round steam button has been designed and adjusted many times, the sound of the button is soft, and the strength of the button is appropriate. When the hand leaves the button, the ZANJIA ZJ GT-3016W can be quickly stopped within 3 seconds, which is convenient to store and use. One-touch operation makes it easy to use even for novices, and the ironing is delicate and flat.

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Youpin ZANJIA ZJ GT-3016W Steamer is now available on Aliexpress For Just $38.35 on lowest price. Click the following button for order now:

Buy Youpin ZANJIA ZJ GT-3016W Steamer on Aliexpress


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