Xiaomi I8 Quartz Wristwatch Launch Two-Pin Design And 6.2mm Slim Body: Watch For Everyday Urban Wear


Xiaomi is the representative of the new retail, simply say that is what Xiaomi sold, like a department store, to provide you with inexpensive products. Just I got the news, Xiaomi products, and online a new product, quartz Wristwatch, the price is very awesome, only 60.17 dollars. This quartz watch called I8 quartz Wristwatch, how? The name is not also leveraged.

To look at the situation I8 quartz Wristwatch, this watch body is very slim, two-pin design, 316L stainless steel strap. Specific configuration, I8 quartz Wristwatch dial with sapphire, which carries the original imported Citizen quartz movement, high quality.

Parameters, I8 quartz Wristwatch is divided into male models and female models, of which male models case diameter 41mm, weight 60g, female models case diameter 36mm, weight 50g. It should be noted that, I8 quartz Wristwatch battery life up to 5 years.

Currently, on the sale of Xiaomi products have been involved in a number of industries, it can be said that each involved in one, consumers are clapping, watches are also a lucrative industry, and now Xiaomi products I8 quartz Wristwatch on the line, is ready to continue to shock the profiteering industry? Xiami I8 quartz Wristwatch is only 399 yuan $(60.17), are you ready to buy it?

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