Xiaomi iHealth Intelligent Glucometer Relaesed: Plug And Play, 5 Seconds Measurement Speed , Compact And Portable


After portable Electric Razor, Quartz Watch and many other products. Today Xiaomi released the first 134 product – iHealth blood glucometer. It is an intelligent blood glucometer. Xiaomi iHealth intelligent glucometer supports a plug and play function. Just plug it into the phone headphone jack blood glucose measurements can be carried out, the results of interpretation and record storage. In the paper, chip, algorithm synergies, the calibration can be measured to achieve the latest more stringent international standards, fasting blood glucose measurement and biochemical tests used by the hospital venous plasma glucose values close to equal and its body compact, slightly larger than a dollar coin, using PMMA acrylic material, with a silicone case, the shell can be detached.

iHealth intelligent glucometer built-in Cypress chip, to support algorithm calibration, to ensure accurate measurement values; test paper reaction enzyme specificity, just 5 seconds to complete the measurement of the number of results interpretation, record storage; support for measurement results automatically save the cloud, And generate trend analysis chart, easy to view anytime, anywhere.

iHealth intelligent glucometer with “and sugar – the public version of the” App use, App can feel free to ask questions, such as irregular changes in blood glucose how to do; record every meal diet, there will be professional nutritionist in the background regularly comment; Set relatives and friends phone numbers, when the measurement results of critical value, immediately to the specified number to send free reminder SMS.

According to the official report, iHealth intelligent glucometer has won 3 international awards such as a red dot, iF and CES and the accuracy of the measurement has passed the CFDA (State Food and Drug Administration), FDA (Food and Drug Administration), CE Certification) 3 authoritative certification. Xiaomi iHealth intelligent glucometer manufacturer is Beijing Love and Health Technology Co. crowdfunding price of 99 yuan ($14.90). At present iHealth intelligent glucometer has been officially launched Apparel, is expected to start shipping 24 December.

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