Xiaomi Imilab dooorbell with camera: Check how you can protect your home with the best product at a low price!


Surely you have seen in the news various cases where various thieves try to break into houses, but were stoped by such a doorbell camera that the owners had placed outside their house as a protection measure. In fact, I have already presented you such a doorbell with a built-in camera 3 years ago, which has just now been replaced by what I will show you, the smart doorbell with a camera by Xiaomi Imilab.

My Xiaomi Imilab box came in the mail without any problems from the customs. A simple black package, where on the top you see a photo of the two products you will find inside the package, while on the back you will find detailed info about the features of the doorbell and its camera. On the side you will find its main features highlighted.

IMILAB is currently using Kickstarter in order to fund the Smart Video Doorbell from Xiaomi. The company claims that this new doorbell camera is one of the most secure that can be found around and the fastest, as it will react and send notification in only 0.01 second. This time makes you feel as if you are in real time checking the area and react. The doorbell includes a 4MP camera with a 6P lens. It supports also infrared night vision and includes an ultra-wide 150° viewing angle, that let’s you see clearly who is out there ringing you!

With the help of the advanced PIR sensor and the AI technology, the camera can understand if what it sees is a human or something else.

The camera can detect a human or an object at a distance of 8 meters. If it is a human, you can use the two-way HD video calling to speak with them. Of course if you are busy and cannot answer, you can preset messages for speaking with them later.

.The Xiaomi Imimlab doorbel, can work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. By this why you can have, control over the IMILAB Smart Video Doorbell with voice commands. The device is waterproof with IP66 certification and operates in temperatures from -20 to 50°C (-4 to 122°F). A 5,200 mAh rechargeable battery offers up to six months of battery life. Good that you don’t have to buy extra batteries, something that increases the cost of buying such doorbeel cameras, but not now!

Right now, you can get the Xiaomi IMILAB Smart Video Doorbellfor only US$89 on the Kickstarter campaign. The company will ship worldwide and is expected to deliver the product in August. After this pre-sale period, the price of the gadget will increase to US$139. But see all the technical characteristics of the camera of the doorbell and the doorbell of the same.

Full characteristics you can read here…

Check the video review I have preperared for you, to see why is so much need these days,,,

Get today the very good and needed Xiaomi Imilab doorbell camera for only 89$ at the Kickstarter, because later is expected to get more expensive!

Order it from here: Xiaomi IMILAB Smart Video Doorbellfor only US$89


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