Xiaomi IMILAB IP Camera – Smart Mini 1080P Smart IP Camera For Just $26.99 at Banggood (100pcs Limited)


In addition to the high-end surveillance IP camera products for business needs, it is now easier for us to have other options with lower cost, smaller mini size for households. And Xiaomi IMILAB Smart Mini 1080P Smart IP Camera will be an unreasonable choice for you. Compared to other IP surveillance cameras available on the wall, the 1080P IMI mini camera has a much smaller size, is easy to install and is extremely flexible. In addition, the details are also processed from high-quality materials, the ability to improve details, stability during operation.

Buy Xiaomi IMILAB IP Camera From Banggood


Specifically, the structure is divided into two bodies and the base is connected together through a magnetic mechanism and can be easily fixed in any plane freely. The compact and compact mini size makes it possible to arrange in any space without losing the aesthetics of the room. Xiaomi IMILAB Smart Mini 1080P Smart IP Camera is equipped with advanced sensor supports resolutions up to 1920 x 1080P and k by logistical F2.6 thereby bring extremely sharp images with high detail. In addition, despite its mini size, this camera is supported by the lens with a relatively wide angle of up to 123 degrees. Users can fully cover the entire room with this single mini camera.


The system of 8 940nm infrared lights is arranged around the sensor for visibility in low light conditions at a distance. This feature allows users to monitor their home continuously for 24 hours without fear of being limited by low light conditions. In particular, Xiaomi IMILAB Smart Mini 1080P Smart IP Camera also supports extremely sensitive motion tracking capabilities. Specifically, when detecting motion, the camera will quickly send notifications and videos to the user’s smartphone, thereby helping users to promptly detect abnormal signs and resolve quickly.

Xiaomi IMILAB Smart Mini 1080P Smart IP Camera is also equipped with convenient two-way communication via a microphone and external speaker. 2.4GHz Wifi connection stability with high transmission speed. From there users can sync the camera with the Mi Home App to control, monitor, review content, making device control a lot simpler. 32G memory card supports storage to extract content quickly, synchronize cloud content.


Xiaomi IMILAB Smart Mini 1080P Smart IP Camera is easy to install and straightforward to use with the possibility of mounting in many planes. It features a ceiling mount that allows you to place it standing, sideways or upside down. It has a very quiet internal motor for near-silent operability while the dual Android and iOS compatibility adds to its ease-of-use. You can buy it from Banggood at $26.99, for 100 pcs limited, lowest price now for the first batch

Buy Xiaomi IMILAB IP Camera From Banggood


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