Xiaomi is Developing Memory Fusion Expansion Technology For MIUI


Vivo introduced a new technology when it launched Origin OS, called memory fusion. The official said that the new machine can call 3G from idle memory to virtual storage, and realize the effect of storage 12G +3G to 15G. Other manufacturers have introduced similar technologies afterward, such as OPPO’s RAM + storage expansion technology.


Digital blogger revealed that as Xiaomi’s old models become more and more incompatible with the times, Xiaomi MIUI developers are working on memory integration and expansion technology, which will help users of old small storage devices improve their daily experience.

It is worth mentioning that although the Android core has the ability to expand virtual memory, it does not provide it by default. For example, there are some tools and apps on the market that can help users expand ROM Flash to RAM use, but due to issues such as read and write speed, there has been no problem.

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It’s a good chance, so the content fusion technology of the above-mentioned manufacturers is definitely not just a simple use of virtual memory to expand storage, so friends, don’t just think that this kind of technology “just have hands.

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