Xiaomi is launching Yi 4K action camera to challenge GoPro in US


Xiaomi launched their action camera capable of shooting 4K video, the Xiaomi Yi 4K in China a few months ago. The Yi action camera features a 12 mega-pixel Sony made sensor with F2.8 aperture. And its powered by a beefy Amberlla chipsets thats more powerful than the equivalent GoPro Hero. Xiaomi Yi does all this and yet costs significantly less at $249.


Right now in China the device has Chinese UI only, but from the 12th July the camera will officially go on sale in the U.S for just $249 and I assume the UI will have multiple language support. Also With the news of the Xiaomi Yi 4K action camera officially launching at a lower $249 price point GoPro must be in a limbo as currently there sales are soaring.

The Yi 4K camera is up for pre-order on Amazon U.S now (here Xiaomi Yi 4K) and can be bought either as a camera, or in a bundle ($279) with a few accessories. Its quite porbable that we will see Xiaomi Yi  4K action camera launch in the coming months in Europe and the rest of the world soon too.At a price point which is considerably less thsn the competition, but still offering of the top specifications, I think Yi is a bang for your bucks.


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