Xiaomi JIMMY JV35 Review – Anti-mite Vacuum Cleaner at $129.99 From Geekbuying (Coupon)


Increasingly, mites are most common in furniture, pillows, blankets, bedding, and mattresses, the ordinary vacuum cleaner can only partially remove mites, and mites cause particularly serious health problems and allergies. Mites are especially heavy for allergy sufferers, so Xiaomi Jimmy JV35 vacuum cleaner for effective and fast removal of mites.

Buy Xiaomi Jimmy JV35 Vacuum Cleaner at Geekbuying


The Xiaomi JIMMY JV35 is a lightweight and versatile vacuum cleaner that fights like no other dust mites and allergens. JV35 is not limited to sucking beds and sofas but strongly beats them to deeply remove mites that cannot be eliminated with aspiration alone. Equipped with 3 modes of use: UV+aspiration; heating+suction; UV+beating+suction Its components are removable and washable under running water. The Xiaomi JIMMY JV35 vacuum cleaner has been awarded the quality mark from the British Foundation of Allergology, Allergy UK, which issued the certificate regarding the reduction and elimination of allergens and bacteria.

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Xiaomi JIMMY JV35’s new technology allows constant heat output at a temperature of 60°C, simulating sunlight. Heat up in just 5 seconds. With this function and its anti-dust mite brush, JV35 sanitizes mattresses, sofas. And any other surface reaching and eliminating 99.99% of bacteria up to 20 cm deep from the fibers! The JIMMY JV35 is an ultra-light vacuum with powerful suction (700W) and ultra-wide (245mm). In addition, it has a patented Dual-Cyclonic filtration system that separates air from dust. And removes and retains 99% of even the smallest particles.

The Jimmy JV35 presents itself with a refined and modern design. An entirely plastic product with Dual-Cyclonic filtration system and 700 Watt brushless motor in the back. Vacuum cleaner equipped with a 0.5-liter dirt tank, with metal and paper filters completely removable and washable in water. Let’s move on to the front where we find the roller brush, also removable, with synthetic bristles and rubber membranes. Also on the bottom, we find the holes dedicated to the emission of hot air at 60 degrees that simulate the sun’s rays. The outgoing air dehumidifies the mattress and kills the mites. Finally, in the lower area, there is also a UV sterilization system.


With this Xiaomi Jimmy JV35 Handheld Anti-mite Vacuum Cleaner, you can move freely from room to room without disturbing a cable. It is a light and ergonomically shaped flat-bottomed handle that allows easy gliding when cleaning the planks and seating area. Ideal for home, garden, pets, kitchen. We can buy it from Geekbuying at $129.99 by using Coupon Code: JMJV35Z1 and ship from EU STOCK

Buy Xiaomi Jimmy JV35 Vacuum Cleaner at Geekbuying

Update on Sept.11, 2020

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