Xiaomi Jushu Smart Security Turntable Lock With Fingerprinter Password Design, Feature Review(Coupon included)


Have you always wish of having a smart door lock, that can be opened through your smartphone, fingerprint or password? then the Xiaomi Jushu Smart Security Turntable Lock would be an excellent buy. Xiaomi before now has produced other locks but recently launched the Xiaomi Jushu Smart Security Turntable Lock which has largely been accepted in the market today.


The Xiaomi Jushu Smart Security Turntable Lock take the shape of the traditional key door lock. It comes in a silver color having a dimension of 340 x 75 x Xiaomi Jushu Smart Security Turntable Lock26mm(front) and 340 x 75 x 25mm(rear) which indicate clearly that it takes the same shape and form of the normal door lock. It weighs just 2kg and can be used to replace the normal door lock.


The mechanical password turntable lock replaces the traditional lock core which is truly a smart lock without a key. It sports a Fingerprints lock with self-learning ability. While rotating the handle, the footprint is also being verified to eliminate false intrusion of fake fingerprints/rubber finger cuffs, which is safer and more reliable. You can also use the mobile phone APP which can easily set a password or invalid password and can also send a temporary password remotely. Remotely check whether the door is locked to ensure the security.

With this smart door lock, you can open the door by mobile phone APP at a short distance to prevent any remote manipulation by the hacker. You can also distribute different types of keys depends on different usage. The user can choose any combination of passwords, fingerprints, and mobile phone APP which can ensure your security. One can also open the door to record remote notifications and establish linkage with family safety. After purchasing the device, a Gateway will be given to you free of charge which can realize Mijia smart products work together. It is worth noting that it comes with a battery that can serve for 18 months (open 10 times per day)


The Xiaomi Jushu Smart Security Turntable Lock is must have for all home as it ensures safety and comfort also. It is currently available on Geekbuying for $313.99 but with the special coupon code: ITQIZQZX it can be purchased for just $295.99. Don’t miss this great offer.

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