Xiaomi K100 Laser Printer Review: Printing Made Simple and Affordable


In the past, equipment such as printers was mainly used in office scenarios, but with the changes of the times and education, there are now 53 million school-age children in China, which is increasing yearly. Therefore, printers not only carry current office scenarios but it has gradually become an essential tools for home users who value children’s learning.

In December 2018, Xiaomi’s first photo printer was crowdfunded, and its initial sales exceeded 30,000 units. In October 2019, Xiaomi officially launched its first inkjet printer. As of February 2023, the cumulative sales of the entire network exceeded 960,000 units.

Over the years, Xiaomi expanded its printer product line and established a comprehensive product matrix, including inkjet, laser, and photo printers. As of February 2023, the cumulative sales of Xiaomi printing series products on the entire network exceeded 2.7 million units, and the number of Xiaomi printing users exceeded 450. It can be said that Xiaomi has many years of R&D and manufacturing experience in the field of printers.

This year, Xiaomi again made a plan for the printer product line and launched its first laser printer – the Xiaomi laser printer K100, which is more suitable for home printing with the advantages of small size, multi-function, and ultra-convenient one-key connection.

As Xiaomi’s first all-in-one laser printer, K100 doesn’t have to worry about the cost. The all-in-one laser printer K100 is designed with a replaceable toner cartridge. The random pre-installed experiential consumables can print 700 pages, and you can purchase 1,500 pages of large-capacity consumables separately later. , In this way, the cost per page is only 10 cents.

1. A4 paper size mini figure

The body of the Xiaomi laser printer K100 is tiny, with a length of 331mm, a height of 215mm, and a size of only 178mm. Both study and office printing can be handled efficiently.

2. One-touch printing of WPS documents with multiple connection methods

In addition to the traditional USB connection, the Xiaomi laser printer K100 also supports two wireless connection methods. It can directly transfer files to the printer for printing through WiFi and NFC direct connections. If your mobile phone supports NFC, touch it. It can connect quickly and print important information immediately.

3. Xiaomi Printing APP realizes the function of shooting, scanning, and copying

In addition to powerful file transfer capabilities, the printer supports capturing and scanning documents.

In the Mi Print APP, by taking a photo of the scanned document, it can automatically recognize the edge of the paper and perform image correction, almost no additional manual operations are required, and the printing efficiency is doubled.

In addition, the APP also supports the scanning and copying of essential documents such as ID cards and marriage certificates, so you can easily copy them at home without going to a printing shop.


The outer packaging of the Xiaomi laser printer K100 adopts a pure white and straightforward form, with a rendering of the actual machine printed in the middle and the official logo of Xiaomi in the upper right corner. The Xiaomi laser printer K100 adopts a white color scheme, and the “Xiaomi” logo on the front is particularly eye-catching.

The Xiaomi laser printer K100 has a length of 331mm, a width of 215mm, and a height of 178mm. The overall size is only close to that of an A4 paper, and it does not take up too much space anywhere in the home.

The back of the fuselage has a USB 2.0 and a power interface. The Xiaomi laser printer K100 has an extended paper output tray. On the left side of the fuselage are installation and use help videos and the QR code for downloading the Xiaomi printer APP. We can directly scan to watch the quick installation guide and the independent software for printer control.

Decentralization integrates the NFC sensing area and supports the Air Tap touch transmission function. We only need to use a mobile phone with NFC to get close to the sensing area to connect quickly.

On the right side of the fuselage is the control panel, which has three buttons: power on/off, wireless network connection and reset, and job resume/pause. The included accessories include a power cord and a USB data cable.

Printing Experience


The Xiaomi laser printer K100 combines its ecology and integrates various connection methods. In addition to the traditional USB connection and printing, it supports mobile phone one-key transfer of files for printing.

Under the same WiFi LAN, through the linkage of the Xiaomi printing APP, the files built into the mobile phone, including WPS, QQ, DingTalk, and files in the Baidu network disk, can be printed synchronously with one click and can even be directly imported from WeChat It can be said that there is a wireless transmission method for printing documents, which is more convenient than a wired connection to a computer.

In the APP, we can view the real-time status of the printer, and the software will give feedback when the printer is out of paper.

In addition to the WiFi connection, the Xiaomi laser printer K100 can be directly connected through NFC. If your mobile phone supports the NFC function (except the iPhone), you can quickly touch the NFC sensing area on the left side of the fuselage after turning it on. Connect.

Print experience

The mobile phone’s built-in PDF files, tables, presentation documents, etc., can be directly transmitted to the printer for printing.

Next, we will use the WPS file to test the printing effect of the Xiaomi laser printer K100. In the output interface of APP printing, we can set the content to be printed, such as paper type, number of copies, print quality, print range, etc. The print quality is divided into two gears: medium and best. The default output is medium quality, enough to meet daily printing needs. We also compared the two output qualities.

After zooming in, we can feel that the best-quality file on the left has a higher definition, and the medium-quality text on the right has a slightly more severe smearing effect. If you can’t feel the difference, you can use the default medium-quality printing for daily document printing, printing wrong questions, etc., once.

To facilitate parents to print exercises, learning materials, and other content for their children, the Xiaomi Printing APP has intimately integrated test papers, practices, copybooks, learning templates, and different related ranges for each grade. Parents can directly find most of the printing materials in the APP. Information is much more convenient than spending a lot of time looking for content on the Internet.

We can see that the software synchronizes the content of relevant exercises for the three major subjects of Chinese, mathematics, and English and divides them into different units. Parents can print the activities according to other knowledge points. Before printing, we can print the questions and answers separately or print them together.

In the Xiaomi Printing APP, not only can you print the exercises of each grade and subject, but you also combine authoritative content of all subjects and all school ages, including the integration and compilation of authoritative educational content such as Xueersi, Penshen, Quanpin Culture, and Education, from preschool education to Counseling for the college entrance examination, all subject counseling materials can be done in one machine.

Document shooting and printing

In addition to the conventional printing methods, the Xiaomi laser printer K100 can also shoot and print documents through the Xiaomi Print APP, and we also tested its printing effect.

In the APP, turn on the document shooting and scanning function to carry out physical documents. During the recognition process, the APP will automatically recognize the text content, align the edges of the screen, and print out clear text and layout.

During the printing process, the scanned files will be automatically saved in the database of the Xiaomi Printing APP, which is convenient for us to archive and review at any time. If there are multiple printers at home or in the company, you can transfer files to different printers through the APP. This saves more time in searching for and sharing files.

We can see that the accuracy of the recognized documents can still meet the daily study and office needs after being printed by Xiaomi laser printer K100.


As Xiaomi’s first laser printer, the K100 has excellent transmission capacity and floor space advantages compared to traditional laser printers, and its printing speed and accuracy are comparable to professional printer brands.

In addition, the Xiaomi laser printer K100 relies on the unique Xiaomi printing APP, which has classification and planning for children’s learning materials and reviews questions in various subjects, and can print directly through the software, which is still an exclusive highlight for traditional printers.

After our experience with the Xiaomi laser printer K100, we make the following conclusions:

1. Small size and mini body can be placed anywhere

The Xiaomi laser printer K100 is only the size of A4 paper. It can be placed anywhere at home, on desks, on bookshelves, and windowsills. It is suitable for a variety of printing scenarios. It can be efficiently used for home study and office printing. It will not take up too much space when you don’t need to print, so the cumbersome storage operation is saved.

2. NFC connects with one touch, which is more convenient

The Xiaomi laser printer K100 supports the traditional USB connection and promotes its ecology.

The ability to realize wireless transmission through the exclusive APP can wirelessly transmit and print the files built into the mobile phone and extend the compatibility of applications to many office APPs, such as DingTalk, QQ, WPS, and WeChat, etc., covering most Office applications scenarios.

Secondly, NFC is connected at one touch, providing a more convenient and fast connection method for mobile phones that support NFC.

3. Educational content integration and the compilation from preschool to college entrance examination in one machine

Considering the practicality of the family, the Xiaomi laser printer K100 integrates educational content in the APP. Parents can print learning materials and test questions for their children to be more targeted. They can even find extracurricular materials, which can be put aside in the APP. An APP can solve all the troubles of finding information online.

In addition, it uses original high-quality toner, and the text printed at the best quality has sharp edges. The published test papers and office documents are apparent, and 20 pages per minute printing speed are enough for children to publish learning materials. The rate is entirely sufficient for home use.

In general, the Xiaomi K100 laser printer is mainly lightweight, especially suitable for families and companies to print and copy various documents in the daily office, and the handwriting is clear under high precision without any smearing. The multi-functional Xiaomi printing APP also Solves the troubles such as being unable to find materials and not being able to print physical content.

If you have children at home and need a lightweight printer for your family or yourself, this tiny, one-touch, feature-rich Xiaomi laser printer, K100, maybe your best choice.

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