Xiaomi launched Mijia Smart treadmill at 1,999 yuan, $285


With 618 coming a slew of new products, Xiaomi has now launched a smart installation-free folding walking machine called Mijia, with an initial price of 1,899 yuan, according to JD.com.

According to the introduction, Mijia treadmill can be folded like a notebook, uses the full track design, 4% fixed slope design, has a 640×460mm running belt, equipped with 7 layers of flexible shock and noise reduction brushless motor, support the whole house equipment linkage, also provides rich courses, also supports heart rate control speed running and other modes.

Weighing about 40kg and 210mm when folded, the treadmill can carry up to 220 kilograms. Powered by a powerful brushless motor, It has a maximum speed of 15km/h and a running speed of about 65dB. It will not affect your family. Interested users can check the link below for more details.


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