Xiaomi Launched Mijia Underwear Washing and Drying Machine at 1,999 yuan,$285


Xiaomi has launched its new Mijia Underwear washing and drying machine, which is now available for preorder. Xiaomi Mijia Underwear washing and drying machine is square in appearance with rounded edges. The specific product model is XHQB05MJ101W, the size is about 295x326x400mm and the weight is about 9Kg. The top adopts double barrel cover, wool can be cleaned, support the last rinse heating.

Mijia underwear washing and drying machine support sterilization, removal of HPV, mite, anti-allergy, blood stains; The internal use of high temperature steam cycle sterilization, 95℃ high temperature washing to kill the common HPV virus, gynecological disease root bacteria; Can remove difficult to wash blood stains, easily remove underwear sweat stains, secretions, urine stains and dander.

Self-cleaning uses strong high temperature water to wash the inner cylinder, high temperature steam penetration sterilization. In addition, the interior also supports intelligent soft protection drying technology, which can monitor the temperature in real time. It can realize three layers of protective clothing, including anti-winding, anti-deformation and anti-over-drying. It supports 45-minute quick washing and drying and 15-minute quick washing. After 30 minutes after the laundry is finished, fresh air can be automatically opened, 0-24 hours long trusteeship.

Inside the body supports simultaneous cleaning of a set of underwear, 3 pairs of women’s underwear, 2 pairs of men’s underwear, providing up to 21 exclusive washing procedures for different materials of clothing; Support connection to Mijia App, can enjoy laundry reminder, Xiaoai students, OTA online upgrade, support AIoT device interconnection.

At present, Mijia underwear washing and drying machine has been put on the shelves of Xiaomi Mall to open the reservation, the price is 1,999 yuan, $285.


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