Xiaomi Launches A Mechanical Keyboard With RGB Illusion Backlight for $33


Xiaomi has several mechanical keyboards. The first one was launched in 2016, and then the Yuemi Pro and Yuemi Pro Silent range followed, all of them ten-keyless and without RGB lighting. Its price was also quite high for what it offered, not being profitable compared to other products. Now, Xiaomi has taken out of the sleeve a more complete mechanical keyboard with a cheap price.

The Xiaomi Mi Game Keyboard has 104 keys, including numpad. It has RGB lighting in 5 different areas, so we will not have individual lighting per key (which is logical considering its price.). The body of the keyboard is made of ABS plastic and on top, it has a backplate made of an alloy of aluminum-magnesium 5052 Korean, with a process of sandblasting, anodizing and laser engraving.

As for the keys, they are manufactured using PBT and PC, providing durability and making sure that the inscription of the keys is not going to be erased with use. The mechanisms of the keys are manufactured in conjunction with the company TTC and are located between a red and black mechanism, so you have to do some force to drive their up to 3 mm of travel.

Inside the keyboard, there is a Sonix 32-bit ARM MCU to control software and keystrokes. It has a refresh rate of 1000 Hz like all gaming keyboard, so the pulsations will arrive as quickly as possible to the PC. We can press up to 33 keys at a time and all of them are registered in the PC.

The keyboard offers the possibility of two positions for the rear legs, being able to put a low and high elevation so that it adapts as best as possible to our hands. Among the lighting functions, we can choose RGB undulation, breathing mode or pulse mode so that the keys that we are pressing, among others, light up. We can accelerate or slow down the speed of the effects, and control the brightness in 25% jumps, from 0 to 10 %%. We can also disable the Windows key so that we do not get out of the game.

Its dimensions are 440 x 131 x 40 mm and weigh 785 grams. The distribution of keys follows the ANSI standard, so we will not have Ñ or the Enter in the form of 7. Its price is 299 yuan (about $33), being the cheapest keyboard that Xiaomi has released, and one of the most complete. It is already on sale in China.

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