Xiaomi Launches A Rowing Machine With Mobile Application and Water Inside


Xiaomi again surprised us with the sale by crowdfunding of a rowing machine. This huge machine is made of pine wood and has an application that collects data and shows them dynamically. The new and powerful rowing machine of Xiaomi comes under the name of Xiaomo Smart Rowing Machine. This rowing machine exercises the entire front of our body, back, arms and legs working together to exercise our muscles with movement.

Xiaomi Mijia XiaoMo Smart Rowing Machine

This machine has a tank made of polycarbonate that houses the water inside. This tank has been prepared to withstand the corrosion of time. In the interior of this tank, there are 2 paddles that make resistance against water when we move with our torso and arms. In turn, these pallets collect data that is sent to an application that Xiaomi has developed.

The guides by which we move when using the machine are designed to support the weight and strength of the movement. The armchair is manufactured with a 3D printer and sits on 8 axes that roll over the guides, achieving a smooth and sliding movement while being hard to simulate the movement of the paddle on the water.

As I said we have a series of sensors incorporated in the reservoir shovels that collect data about the effort we make with the machine. You can collect up to 16 types of parameters among which we find the effort, dynamic force, heart rate, the speed of the blades.

All these data collected are shown in an app, this app, in turn, is a platform with which to compete against other users who have the machine. We can make challenges against other users and improve brands that we have or have achieved other users.

The rowing machine has been designed to occupy as little space as possible in our house, so we can lift it to support it against a wall and leave space in our house, being compact at the same time. Xiaomi wants to convey to us with its breakdown that it is a high-quality machine in which it has been fully thought to be durable over time and wear with use.

Xiaomi Mijia XiaoMo Smart Rowing Machine

Xiaomo Smart Rowing Machine can support a maximum of 120kg and has a weight of 25kg. The price of this machine is 2499 yuan (about $376). Unfortunately, we will not see it for sale from the Chinese import stores since it will be an exclusive product for the Asian country. We hope that in the future it will be sold with international shipping.

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