Xiaomi Launches Black Shark Brand: Preparing For Smartphone Competition With Razer Phone


Xiaomi is the 4th largest smartphone brand in the world and 2nd in China. In addition to the high-end segment, Xiaomi also demonstrates its superiority in the midrange and cheap segment with the Redmi line. In the year 2016, Xiaomi teamed up with French designer Phillipe Starck to launch a Mi-MIX-inspired smartphone with a shell made entirely of high-quality ceramic. Last year, the company went on to release the Mi MIX 2 version with some changes to make the device easier to mass-produce.

Xiaomi penetrates into the niches of the Chinese market with a wide range of subsidiaries that list a variety of business products. Do not be surprised if you find yourself on the shelves of Mi Home stores in China with Xiaomi branded bath towels and utensils.

In the near future, Xiaomi plans to enter a completely new smartphone segment – smartphone gaming. Recently, Xiaomi continued to launch a subsidiary called Black Shark. According to Xiaomi, Black Shark will focus on the task of producing smartphones. In the laptop segment, we have brands that cater to gamers like ROG and Alienware from Asus, Dell. Xiaomi seems to want to do the same thing with black shark-based gaming smartphones.

According to a source from China, Black Shark’s first smartphone will have a top-of-the-line processor and an “aviation-class cooling system” (Xiaomi does not explain the technology very well but seems to apply to refrigeration systems in aviation). It even takes into account the ability to integrate a DSP (Digital Signal Processor – a processor that can be programmed for a specific purpose.) DSP is widely used. Continuous data streams of audio, video and graphics in the device).

Tianjin Venus Investment was founded by Xiaomi in December 2013, which owns nearly 22% of Black Shark. We may see Xiaomi’s gaming smartphone in the coming months. Black Shark will compete with Razer Phone last year. By the time Black Shark launched its first smartphone, Razer could also launch the successor of the Razer Phone. At the upcoming MWC 2018, Xiaomi is expected to introduce the Mi MIX 2s with a bezel design and use the Snapdragon 845 chip.

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