Xiaomi launches Ninebot’s Mijia Self Balancing e-Skates With Battery of 80 Hours


Xiaomi does not want to stop and, through its Ninebot brand, has just launched the Mijia Self Balancing e-Skates. These are special electric shoes that have a special technology that allows them to be self-balanced. So, let’s take a closer look at the brand new Mijia Self Balancing e-Skates.

First of all, let’s take a closer look at some of the specifications of electric shoes. Each side of the Ninebot Mijia Self Balancing e-Skates skates has a weight of 2.6kg so it is easy to carry. The frame of the shoe is made of magnesium alloy so it weighs only 354g. Xiaomi and Ninebot both claim that the shoe frame is light but extremely durable and sturdy.

Ninebot Mijia Self Balancing e-Skates only supports users between the ages of 5 and 50 and weighing less than 80kg. Xiaomi recommends that users should only use shoes at parks, squares or other areas with flat and dry backgrounds. Xiaomi does not encourage users to use Ninebot Mijia Self Balancing e-Skates to move every day.

Ninebot claims they have integrated self-balancing technology that has been studied for 20 years in Ninebot Mijia Self Balancing e-Skates. “They are like miniature cars to put at your feet, ” Ninebot said.

Each side of the shoe will contain a feedback sensor, processor, motor and 6 batteries. Ninebot Mijia Self Balancing e-Skates can provide up to 80 hours of usage per full charge. In addition, it has a smart battery management system with load distribution capability when the battery is low to increase battery durability.

Xiaomi Ninebot’s Mijia Self Balancing e-Skates will be on sale from June 18 for only 999 yuan (equivalent to $144).

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