Xiaomi Linbin: All MIUI Models Will Be Harvested For 18 Months Without Caton Optimization


Xiaomi Mi9 standard version should be the best-selling style of the series, then the faster it will be used for the first time?

President of Xiaomi, answered this question today, saying that it has become very sloppy after using the mobile phone for a period of time. Xiaomi started the system optimization steering for 18 months without a card and did the extreme stress test on the system to simulate the user’s severity. Use scenarios to fully optimize memory fragmentation, storage fragmentation, file system management, storage space management, aging IO speed, and startup speed.

Lin Bin said that the purpose of the above measures is to ensure that the MIUI system is still smooth and smooth for a long time.

According to official data, the performance of the unoptimized MIUI system is only about 50% of the new machine after 18 months and can be improved to about 85% after optimization.

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More powerfully, this is not the exclusive welfare of Xiaomi Mi9, Lin Bin stressed, will gradually upgrade the system optimization of 18 months of non-calorie to all models, including Redmi .”

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