Xiaomi Mi 10/Pro Development Edition: MIUI Announcement This Week


Xiaomi announced on Friday the work progress of this week. This week is the 506th week of the MIUI development system update, and 9 issues have been fixed. In addition, MIUI+ version was released this week, adding support for custom mirroring window size and custom shortcut keys .

In the response and progress of the newly added Top10 questions this week, Xiaomi said that some scenes in the app store, displaying abnormal words, have been fixed. Some users reported that after enabling memory expansion, the device information and desktop recent task memory remained unchanged. Xiaomi said that memory expansion uses part of the FLASH space as the back end of the memory. When the user’s mobile phone memory is under pressure, the inactive content in the memory is written back to the FLASH to release more memory to the foreground process. Since extended memory is not completely equivalent to ordinary memory , and its use is related to specific scenarios, the increased extended memory size is not reflected in the UI interface. Thank you Mi Fan friends for their feedback.

In addition, in the Redmi K30 Pro zoom development version, the problem that the extended memory is 0 has been fixed in the MIUI 21.7.24 version. Xiaomi 11 Ultra has the problem of network instability in the version. Xiaomi replied that this version has integrated the frequent switching of SA and LTE in certain network environments, resulting in game delays, interruption and other related optimizations. Due to the complex network environment, the scene to be optimized is still being further tracked .

Xiaomi said that it welcomes users to submit feedback in time when they encounter network problems such as outages.

The problem of the failure of wireless fast charging in the development version of Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro has been fixed in MIUI 21.7.27. Millet 8 version of the scene in no service issues, upon inspection is part of the crash caused , has been screened several reasons for the high frequency value, contact the appropriate follow-up will go through rice friends to help facilitate access to the dump file , There will be corresponding optimizations after the analysis, and the progress will be notified to all Mi Fan friends in time.

Mi 10S has a screen jump problem in version, which has been partially optimized in version Mi 10 Pro camera crashes in some scenes. The problem is being repaired. At present, it can be solved temporarily:

Long press the camera icon on the desktop, tap application information, enter application details, and clear the camera’s cache or data. If clearing the data is invalid, try to lock the camera background task.

The issue of heat generation in the daily use of Xiaomi 11 Ultra, Xiaomi said that the balance mode has been in the internal testing stage, and the resolution and refresh rate can be switched intelligently according to different applications, and the control of background applications is more stringent. . The repair code will be verified in the development version first, and it is expected to be online in August.

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