Xiaomi Mi 10 series will be Upgraded to Support Dynamic Screen Compensation


Today Zhang Guoquan, director of the software department of Xiaomi mobile phone system, previewed that MI 10 series will soon OTA support dynamic screen compensation and watch football games to say farewell to double shadow.

Dynamic screen compensation works by using “frame insertion” technology to display images at a higher frame rate when they are only 24 FPS.

It is mainly based on the intelligent analysis for two adjacent frames of images to generate the algorithm automatically a new frame between the original two frames of images. This not only makes the picture smoother, but also reduces the amount of trailing.

For most consumers, dynamic screen compensation can improve the movie-watching experience. At present, the screen refresh rate of Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro is 90Hz, but many sources still maintain 24Hz or 30Hz. The addition of dynamic screen compensation technology can well sync the screen frame number with the panel refresh rate, bringing a smoother experience.

It is worth noting that Zhang also revealed the update plan of other Xiaomi models, including the opening of CC9 MIUI 12 private beta today, and the batch release of 120Hz application limit of K30 Supreme Commemorative version in the next version.


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