Xiaomi Mi 10 VS iPhone 11 Pro Comparison: Big Differance in Performance?


Xiaomi Mi 10 is a new and top flagship mobile phone released by Xiaomi. It is currently equipped with the Snapdragon 865 processor. Which is currently the latest and strongest processor. iPhone11Pro is powered by Apple’s independently developed Apple A13 processor. Although this processor is last year’s product, it also has powerful performance. However, the current price of Xiaomi Mi10 is 3999 yuan, and the price of the iPhone 11 Pro is about 6,500 yuan. The difference between the two is 2,500 yuan. So how much is the difference in performance, let’s take a look at foreign media for Xiaomi Mi 10 VS iPhone 11 Pro Results of software performance comparisons between.

Xiaomi Mi 10 VS iPhone 11 Pro

The first round of testing was the boot speed test. Xiaomi Mi 10 VS iPhone 11 Pro was put together for the boot speed test. The test results were still obvious. Xiaomi Mi10 quickly completed the boot process. When Xiaomi Mi10 has completely displayed the screen content, iPhone 11 Pro also During startup, the screen is still showing a white apple.

In the second round of test results. Xiaomi Mi 10 successfully left the iPhone 11 Pro behind at the opening speed of the “AIDA64” software. Xiaomi Mi10 leads the iPhone 11 Pro to complete the software opening. In the opening speed of “CSR2”, “Peace Elite”, “Samurai”, “Call of Duty” software and games. IPhone11Pro once again occupied the initiative, but instead surpassed Xiaomi Mi10, in this software and games On the opening speed. IPhone11Pro once again turned over Xiaomi Mi10. In the opening speed of the game. IPhone11Pro is still much stronger than Xiaomi Mi10.

In the third round of testing, in the process of opening the software “Instagram”, “youtube”, “Dashboard”, “Antutu”. Xiaomi Mi10 once again led the iPhone11Pro to complete the software opening process. And in the software such as “Jingdong” In terms of opening speed. Xiaomi Mi 10 and iPhone 11 Pro have completed the software opening process at the same pace. Keeping the opening speed of the software consistent. In terms of the opening speed of the software “Taobao” and “Camera”. iPhone11Pro once again led Xiaomi Mi10 to complete the software opening process.

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At present, the performance of the Xiaomi Mi 10 is not much better than iPhone11Pro from a comprehensive perspective. On the whole, the overall performance between Xiaomi Mi10 and iPhone11Pro is not much different, or it can be said that Xiaomi Mi10 is not better than the iPhone 11 Pro. Because in the ordinary software opening speed test. Xiaomi Mi10 does have a very fast software opening speed. But in the opening speed of some large games. iPhone 11 Pro still has a very obvious advantage. The software opening speed is much faster than Xiaomi Mi10. iPhone11Pro mainly benefits from the optimization of iOS. So it has a very obvious advantage in the opening speed of the game.


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