Xiaomi Mi 11 is Coming Soon: First Snapdragon 888 Flagship


The Xiaomi Mi 11 series is getting closer and closer to the official announcement. The blogger Leaked the news that Xiaomi Mi 11 is not only the world’s first Snapdragon 888, but also the first Snapdragon 888 phone that can be bought, and it has a certain period of exclusivity.

Previously, pointed out that the non-first-launch Snapdragon 888 model will be released in January, and it is speculated that the Xiaomi Mi11 series may be unveiled this month and will be available as soon as this month.

Compared with Mi 10, Mi11 continues the hole-digging screen solution. The front camera opening is still in the upper left corner, the resolution is expected to be FHD+, and the refresh rate is expected to be upgraded to 120Hz.

As for the Pro version, Xiaomi may equip it with a 2K 120Hz AMOLED digging screen. The location of the front camera opening is still unknown.

In addition, Xiaomi Mi 11 supports 55W fast charging, and Mi11 Pro may support 100W super fast charging. The current Xiaomi flagship with the fastest charging speed is the Mi 10 Extreme Edition, with a maximum power of 120W.

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At present, Xiaomi Mi 11 has obtained 3C certification, as long as it obtains the network access permission from the Tenna, it will be available for sale, which is worth looking forward to.


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