Xiaomi MI 11 MIUI 12.0.16 Stable Version Beta Test Pushed


Yesterday evening, Chang Cheng, vice president of Xiaomi Group, said that Mi 11 is updating the stable version of MIUI 12.0.16 in internal testing.

In the new version of the system, Mi 11 fixed the problem that the virtual AB partition failed to boot due to abnormal judgment after abnormal restart.
In addition, MIUI 11 also optimized the problem of the phone screen going off and the occasional noise in some scenarios, and optimized the non-response problem of some third-party APPs due to compatibility and abnormal memory allocation.

It has learned that Zhang Guoquan, director of the system software department of Xiaomi, said that the stable version of MIUI 12.0.16 has fixed most of the problems recently reported by users. It is under internal testing and everyone will receive it soon.

Mi 11 mobile phone MIUI 12.0.16 stable beta update content:

Optimize the problem of mobile phone screen off and occasional noise in individual scenes

Optimized a few tripartite apps due to compatibility, and memory allocation abnormalities resulting in no response problems

Optimize the screen display effect and reduce the edge jagged and abnormal display in the edge area of special scenes

The abnormal scheduling of some three-party APPs was optimized, which led to the problem of system lag in special scenarios

Fixed an OTA startup failure caused by an abnormal restart of virtual AB partition

Fixed low probability flash screen issue

Fixed a special batch of 65W gallium nitride charger that caused an occasional phone restart problem

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