Xiaomi MI 11 Pro New Renderings Exposed with Four Rear Matrix Camera


Xiaomi had unexpectedly released only one phone, the Mi 11, at its previous launch event. According to multiple sources, the Mi 11 Pro will not make its debut until 2021. Now a rendering of what appears to be the Xiaomi mi 11 Pro has been leaked on Slashleaks.

The exposed renderings show the Mi 11 Pro’s rear four cameras, with a matrix-like design in the upper left corner of the body. The main color of the phone is dark green, looking very unique, the phone is light. On the front, we can’t see exactly what the design is because of the low resolution of the exposed images, but the site says the front is the same as the Mi 11, with a single cut-out on the top left and a four-curved screen.

Slashleaks isn’t the only one to claim that the Xiaomi mi 11 Pro has stayed the same. Recently, the digital blogger @Digital Chat also posted on weibo that the design of the mug has not changed much, and the face of the mug is completely the same. The blogger did not specify the name of the phone, but judging from the style of the post, netizens believed the phone was the Mi 11 Pro. According to him, the Mi 11 Pro has a new super large rear camera and two sub-cameras that are not small. The matrix module will also be bigger. The Mi 11 Pro “is loaded with quick charge, batteries and photos, so it’s not very thin.”

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From the leaks, we can see some differences, but it should be a certainty that the Xiaomi mi 11 Pro will be the same as the Xiaomi mi 11. As for the lightness and frivolity of xiaomi mi 11 Pro, since the revelations of digital blogger @dchat are always quite accurate, the xiaomi mi 11 Pro is unlikely to be frivolous.


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