Xiaomi Mi 11 Teardown Explore Its Nano Heat Insulation Materials


In addition to the official teardown video of the Mi 11, the company’s Smartphone popular science also said that Xiaomi Mi 11 not only has a VC liquid cooling system but also optimizes the phone’s performance by adding nano thermal insulation materials. The heat conduction path makes the heat transfer more reasonably, so the hand feels gentle and not hot while efficiently dissipating heat.

Xiaomi Mi 11 not only has a VC liquid cooling system, but also optimizes the phone’s performance by adding nano thermal insulation for more reasonable heat transfer, not hot touch, and effective heat dissipation. Inside the Mi 11, space is the shortest Z axis, then the X-axis and Y-axis are the longest.

Xiaomi Mi 11 has tried a new insulation material, nano-aerogel, which can cut off the thermal guide of phones along the Z-axis and block the transmission between the internal heat source and the surface of the phone.

This blocked heat part is led along the X and Y axis through the top three-dimensional heatsink system inside the Xiaomi Mi 11. This not only solves the local heating problem and ensures the CPU works properly, avoiding local hot phenomenon at a point when the temperature is not evenly distributed. Leads to you will feel the heat with your palm soon.

The Nano aerogel material in Xiaomi Mi 11 has the same principle as the insulation of the jacket. Inside the nano-aerogel is an organic molecular framework consisting mainly of silica, which can encase the air in the cavity of the frame with an air content of up to 97%.

Above, it looks like a miniature coat. The air layer has extremely low thermal conductivity for good insulation. Furthermore, the thin and light structure allows the nano aerogel to have excellent thermal insulation performance, while at the same time meeting the thin and light demands of phones.​

This material has also been widely used in spacecraft and space stations. In order to cope with the huge temperature difference in space and maintain the temperature in the space capsule, this kind of high-performance and lightweight insulation material has become the best choice.

Xiaomi engineers have gone through many times of discovery, experimentation, failure, improvement, and re-testing. Finally, they successfully overcame technical difficulties. Xiaomi Mi 11‘s three-dimensional cooling system and unique nano aerogel cooling solution allow users to use peace of mind, whether playing games or videos, without worrying about overheating.

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