Xiaomi Mi 12 has Already Got Three Certificates, Lenovo Replied


Last night, it was revealed that the highly anticipated mi 12 series of three new phones have all been online, and the three certificates are complete, and all the certification steps have been completed before the launch, just waiting for the official announcement.

Later, Lenovo executives @Shenqi jin brother posted on weibo, “congratulations to friends new products today three certificates are complete.”

He also noted that he was relieved to announce 20 days ago that his Moto Edge X30 had all three licenses.

According to @magic Jinge, mobile phones need to be listed in compliance with the requirements of three certificates at the same time, in order to get the network logo, approved to be listed.

The three certificates are as follows:

1.3c Safety Report (CCC) indicates that the mobile phone meets the national quality and safety requirements and is issued by the National Quality Certification Center.

2. Radio Type Approval Certificate (SRRC) certifying that the radio frequency used by the mobile phone complies with national regulations, issued by the Radio Authority.

3. Network Access License (CTA) carries out comprehensive performance test of mobile phones. It is a relatively long-term certification issued by TENAA, which is basically the last certificate.

And we usually said that the access to the network, basically refers to the last Ministry of Industry and Information Technology access license, many times TENAA will directly announce the mobile phone access specifications and documents at this stage.

According to recent news, Moto Edge X30 will indeed beat the Mi 12 to the snapdragon 8 Gen1, and will be officially unveiled on Thursday (Dec. 9).

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And Lenovo official also repeatedly stressed that he is really the first, announced that will be at the end of the conference at the same time open pre-sale, and in 15 officially opened for sale, this is nearly two years after the release of the chip one of the fastest listed mobile phone.


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