Xiaomi Mi 12 Pro VS Mi 12S Pro Dimensity Edition Quick Comparison Review


Although the Xiaomi Mi 12 Pro Dimensity Edition does not have the Leica image blessing, the changed configuration is more friendly to gamers; and the Mi 12S Pro, in addition to the regular upgrade of the processor, is more obvious in terms of image improvement! Therefore, the selection of these two models is relatively simple: users who like to play games choose the Mi 12 Pro Dimensity Edition; users who like to shoot directly go to the Mi 12S Pro!Although the performance of the Snapdragon 8 is very strong, even the manufacturers add heat dissipation. However, it is also difficult to exert the strength of this chip in daily use, and once it heats up, it will directly lead to frequency reduction and frame lock, resulting in the experience of the Snapdragon 8 without the heat dissipation back clip being inferior to that of the 870.

Although the Dimensity version of Xiaomi Mi 12 Pro will not completely change the heating problem of the mobile phone, at least the power consumption performance of the Dimensity 9000+ is much better, and the game temperature control will be much better! Secondly, the battery capacity of the Xiaomi Mi 12 Pro Dimensity Edition has been increased to 5160mAh, and the battery life performance has been significantly upgraded!

In addition, the Mi 12 Pro Dimensity Edition retains the high-quality Samsung E5 material curved screen, supports 3200X1440 resolution, LTPO smart refresh rate adjustment, etc.

However, although the starting price of the Xiaomi Mi 12 Pro Dimensity Edition has been reduced, there are many places for castration!

The first is that the wired charging is reduced to 67W flash charging, and the wireless charging is canceled; secondly, the wide-angle and the third sub-camera have a certain castration. Fortunately, the main camera is still the 50-megapixel outsole main camera with the IMX707 sensor, and the image quality is still relatively high. High! In addition, the four-unit speakers on the Xiaomi Mi 12 Pro have also been replaced with dual speakers in the Dimensity version!

In a word, for those who love to play games and take daily photos, the Mi 12 Pro Dimensity Edition is still good, and the price is fair!

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In contrast, the core upgrade of the Xiaomi Mi 12S Pro lies in the image and processor.
The Mi 12S Pro retains the lens sensor of the previous Mi 12 Pro, but adds Leica images. It not only brings lens coating, but also two kinds of Leica native image quality, as well as Leica-style filters, etc., there are obvious upgrades in imaging color science; secondly, the performance of TSMC’s Snapdragon 8+ processor is still very strong, but The power consumption is reduced by about 30%, compared to the Dimensity 9000+ at all. Therefore, for users who like to take pictures, Xiaomi Mi 12S Pro will be more suitable!

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