Xiaomi MI 12 Screen Solution Unveiled with Narrower Bezel and Chin


As usual, Xiaomi is expected to launch the new Mi 12 series at the end of this year, if not unexpectedly. Although there is still a long time to go before the release, the revelations about the device are already dense, especially in the screen, performance and image aspects of the upgrade is bound to be the focus of the outside world. Following some of the design details, digital bloggers recently revealed further details of the screen design.

According to the information leaked by blogger @digitchat, the new Mi series 12 flagship will adopt a new packaging process, which will bring narrower bezel and chin, and better visual effect, basically in line with previous news.

Mi 12 will also drop the four-curved screen standard for the Mi 11 series in favor of a more visually coordinated hyperboloid scheme, and the R-angle design will be more coordinated compared to the mi 11 series. On the back of the fuselage, it will be rear-mounted with a triple camera module and will have a new solution.

In other aspects, according to the news previously exposed, the new Mi 12 series will continue the high-quality screen specifications, equipped with LTPO adaptive refresh rate screen, supporting 1-120Hz adaptive refresh rate adjustment, it can be switched according to the use of scenarios, taking into account the needs of high refresh rate and low power consumption.

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Mi 12 will also debut the Snapdragon 898 flagship chip. The phone will carry up to 120W wired fast charge and 100W wireless fast charge, more details, we wait and see.


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