Xiaomi Mi 12 Series Will Be Released Soon: Three models, ID Changes


The Xiaomi Mi 12 series may be the most special generation of the Mi digital series. Today, the former Civi product manager Wei Siqi@Cici announced that he will be in charge of the Xiaomi digital series products, and the Xiaomi Civi series will be taken over by Hu XinxinMia.

She said on her personal Weibo: “Being responsible for the Xiaomi digital series, there is a lot of responsibility and pressure. The first product that I want to introduce to everyone is the upcoming Mi 12. There will be some new definition ideas. Welcome everyone to pay attention. We will press the meeting.”

Hu Xinxin revealed: “Mi 12 will be released soon and it is worth looking forward to! PS Lei and Lao Wei will play.” It can be seen that this press conference is still Lei Jun’s keynote speaker, and Wei Siqi will be responsible for the product introduction.

The first female product manager to create the Mi 12 series will be released soon! Three models, ID changes

The Xiaomi Mi 12 series will be released at the end of this month, offering three models. The product positioning is slightly different from the previous one. Because it is the former Civi product manager Lao Wei, the ID style is very similar.

It is reported that the Mi 12 series does not have an Ultra version, and the three new models have the same ID. According to previous reports, the three models may be named Mi 12X, Mi 12, and Mi 12 Pro. The first female product manager to create the Mi 12 series will be released soon! Three models, ID changes

Combined with known news, the Xiaomi Mi 12 series will be lighter and thinner as a whole. The front will adopt a new COP packaging process, and the four sides of the phone will be further compressed. With the top centering and double-sided micro-curved screens, it has a very good visual effect.

Among them, Xiaomi Mi 12 and Mi 12 Pro use a 6.7-inch hyperboloid 2K 120Hz display, Snapdragon 8 Gen1 processor, LPDDR5+UFS 3.1 storage, pre-installed MIUI 13 system, customized 50MP main cameras, and supports up to 120W fast charging.

And Xiaomi Mi 12X may be a 6.2-inch 1080P small screen flagship, the processor chooses Snapdragon 870 or Snapdragon 888+.

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