Xiaomi MI 12 Specs Confirmed with the First Snapdragon 888 Enhanced Version


Nowadays, Xiaomi is walking more and more steadily on the road of hitting the high-end market, which can also be said to be a model for many friends to learn and cannot easily ignore rivals. Lei Jun’s control for flagship users is also very accurate. With the release of mi MIX 4, now many consumers have begun to turn their eyes to mi 12, the mysterious flagship is gradually emerging as time goes by, it should be coming soon.

Digital series is an important part of Xiaomi’s high-end mobile phones, and each one has sufficient materials. After the hardware is polished in place, and the price is complementary to conscience, so Mi 12 is also worth looking forward to. Coincidentally, as reported by PhoneArena, mi 12 specifications have been confirmed, and the first snapdragon 888 “enhanced version”, “Android Light” super phone, let’s have a look.

This SOC can be regarded as the “enhanced version” of Snapdragon 888. It mainly upgrades the capability of A78 core and has four small A55 cores. Meanwhile, it also improves the AI capability and combines with LPDDR5 and UFS3.1 flash memory to form three major android components. In addition, MIUI13 system will form a synergy, and the theoretical running score of Antutu will break 900,000 for the first time, and its performance will inevitably be in the first camp of the industry.

According to the suspected picture of the real phone, it is still a little pity that Mi 12 does not use the screen and lower the camera. The four-curved E5 material with small holes will certainly shock the visual impact of 2K resolution full screen lighting. If the 120HZ high refresh rate and 480HZ touch sampling rate are finally arranged, The touch fluency and sensitivity will be fine.

As for the back, Mi 12 uses a rear three-camera design, which is integrated into a relatively rounded matrix module, and the camera module is designed in the upper left of the back like many flagship phones. This design is very good and looks quite coordinated. In accordance with the convention should be to support IP68 level of life waterproof and dustproof, Harman Karden combined tuning double speakers and other elements.

Xiaomi has been relentless in video. According to @ digital gossip station, Xiaomi mi 12 series starter will carry samsung GN3, and it is the world’s first support 200 million pixels mobile phone taking a picture, and supplemented by ultra wide Angle, black and white, long and latent type vice is taken, eventually with strong kernel driver get into faster, thanks to the excellent algorithm, it has been eventually get better image resolving power, the camera shot for the number one position in the world.

The market competition is very fierce this year, and Mi 12 also faces the premium risk brought by the pressure of rising material costs. If mi 12 sticks to the heart-moving pricing, then the starting price should not break 4,299 yuan, after all, mi fans have been used to high cost performance.

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To sum up, mi 12‘s product positioning is very clear, that is to create a new “Android Light”, considering performance, appearance level, battery life and photography, and finally set a touching price, that is quite worth looking forward to, let’s wait and see.


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