Xiaomi Mi 12 Ultra is Revealed at the End of Q2


Xiaomi held a blockbuster press event in March last year, debuting its super-sized Mi 11 Ultra, which is still one of android’s strongest video flagships.

It was previously rumored that Xiaomi MI 12 series would launch a similar extra-large cup model this time around, but there is no sign of anything happening now that April is underway.

Last night, @Digitchat dropped the latest news on the device, hinting that Mi 12 Ultra will debut at the end of Q2, probably in June, and it will be the first to feature the Snapdragon 8 Plus chip.

The blogger also revealed that Mi 12 Ultra comes with a 2K resolution Samsung center single hole curved screen, which looks exactly like Mi 12 Pro.

In fact, hd renderings of the phone have been released before, showing the full appearance of the plane. The front of the phone is basically the same as the previous two models of Mi 12 series, but the back has a big change.

Images show the mi 12 Ultra’s rear camera has an exaggerated footprint, covering the entire upper back, and has so many holes that it should have at least four cameras, including a long-lens that is rare this year.

According to sources, Mi 12 Ultra is likely to have three main camera systems and an ultra-telephoto lens. It will have a high pixel 5x telephoto lens, which is very good for imaging, and it will also have some new technologies developed by itself, which will likely continue to dominate the DXO charts.

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Most notably, the red leica logo was shown in the image, and there are a lot of rumors about the cooperation with Leica, becoming the first high-end flagship phone from Xiaomi to be certified by leica.


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