Xiaomi Mi 12 Ultra Rendering: 200MP Lens, 2-inch Secondary Screen


The emergence of Mi 11 Ultra can be said to have created a new concept of mobile phone design, especially a secondary screen designed on the back of the fuselage, allowing many mobile phone manufacturers to see the future design direction. So what kind of design will the future Xiaomi Mi 12 Ultra adopt? Here is a set of rendering design drawings related to Mi 12Ultra. In this set of design drawings, Mi 12Ultra still uses the secondary screen design, but it has been upgraded in terms of size.

The upgraded Xiaomi Mi 12 Ultra is more beautiful than the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra. For example, the back of the fuselage is still equipped with a secondary screen design, but the size of this secondary screen and the camera module are 1:1. In terms of size, Xiaomi 12 Ultra has enlarged the secondary screen and adopted the same configuration as the front screen, so the display effect is better. In addition, Xiaomi 12Ultra has also added fingerprint recognition and unlocking on the secondary screen, even with the secondary screen, the bio-encryption process can be carried out, which is very convenient.

The camera module of Mi 12Ultra has also been upgraded to three large-size camera lenses and one small-size camera lens. Among the three large-size camera lenses, the main lens is upgraded to 200 Megapixels, and the ultra-wide-angle lens is 64 Megapixels. The telephoto lens is 64 Megapixels, and the depth of the field lens is 50 million pixels. Everyone knows that Xiaomi 11Ultra is known as the light of Android, and it has taken first place in DxOMark for taking photos. Therefore, Xiaomi 12Ultra’s camera level is also very strong, and will once again take first place in mobile phone photography.

Mi 12Ultra will continue to build hardware this time. For example, in terms of the display effect of the screen, the design of the front punch camera is adopted, and the screen is still designed with a micro-curved surface, and the screen resolution will be increased to 4K. Standard, support 240 Hz screen refresh, support 1920 Hz stroboscopic, the screen display effect is very delicate, and high refresh is also a very refreshing experience for gamers.

In terms of hardware parameters, the Mi 12Ultra will be equipped with Qualcomm’s strongest processor, the Snapdragon 898. This processor with 4-nanometer technology has stronger performance, but power consumption will also increase. Therefore, the Mi 12Ultra has an extra VC liquid-cooled heat sink inside the fuselage to maintain the temperature of the fuselage while also ensuring stable performance. In addition to the 6400 mAh battery, the Mi 12Ultra’s wired charging will also support 120W, the wireless charging specification has been upgraded to 80W, and the reverse wireless charging specification has reached 50W, which is a new benchmark in terms of performance.

The body material of Xiaomi 12Ultra has a sapphire version. Of course, this version is upgraded again in addition to the ceramic body version. It can be said that the hand feels more rounded and the price will be higher. After all, the body material is expensive and the cost is also high. . In addition to 5G, Mi 12Ultra will also support low-orbit satellite communication technology. In the absence of a 5G cellular signal, the communication process can still be completed through satellites.

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The overall design of the Mi 12Ultra is still remarkable. Due to the crazy stacking of hardware parameters, it is truly an Android flagship machine in terms of performance. In addition, the performance of the camera is also very good, so the Mi 12Ultra will Create a brand new beginning and become the target of other domestic mobile phones to emulate.

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