Xiaomi mi 12 will have a 5000mAh Battery built into its Ceramic Body


Some time ago, Xiaomi officially launched a new series of mobile phones — Xiaomi Civi, which uses a new appearance design and has been praised by many users. It is known as the most beautiful mobile phone in the history of Xiaomi.

It is worth noting that at that time, it was revealed that xiaomi mi 12 series flagship models will also adopt a similar appearance scheme, the front will adopt ultra-narrow bezel hyperboloid display, and may be improved to a micro-curved effect, giving consideration to display and feel, the front shot is also changed to a small aperture in the middle, the overall vision is more harmonious.

In addition to a better front screen view, the overall body will be thinner and lighter, which is a significant improvement in appearance compared to the Mi 11.

This morning, the well-known blogger @digital chat station also brought the latest news, he revealed, the new flagship with a new dual-core material and design scheme, it can improve the energy density to a certain extent, the 5000mAh± made thinner”.

That means the Mi 12 will have a thinner body with a bigger battery and a better grip.

In addition, the blogger also mentioned in the comment that the Mi 12 will come with a ceramic back, which has been a standard feature of xiaomi’s top flagships in the past, providing a texture and look that can’t be found in glass and is favored by high-end users.

However, it should be noted that due to the large battery and ceramic body, the body weight of the Mi 12 is destined to be half a kilogram again, which may affect the daily experience of some users, especially female users.

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As for the core configuration, Mi 12 is highly likely to be the first flagship chip of Snapdragon 898 in the world, and its running score is expected to exceed one million. It is the strongest Android chip so far, which is worth looking forward to.


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