Xiaomi Mi 12S Ultra Prototype Leaked: Pure Black AG Glass Back


Xiaomi Mi 12S Ultra has had a very good reputation since its release. Whether it is performance, photography, screen, etc., it is the top in the industry, especially the 1-inch maximum bottom with Leica blessing. This time, due to the weight control, the Xiaomi Mi 12S Ultra only launched the silicone leather version, which has a very good feel and texture, but some users who like the glass body feel regretful.

But in fact, Xiaomi tried the glass body at the beginning and even made a very good texture. This afternoon, blogger WHYLAB exposed two backplanes of the Xiaomi Mi 12S Ultra engineering prototype, one is similar to silver and the other is pure black, both with AG frosted glass effect.

This black version has been praised by many netizens. The black version is very pure, which is a rare practice in the current mobile phone industry.

In the end, it is a pity, because the weight of the glass plate will be much higher than that of the plain leather, and it has to be cut off due to weight control. However, the silicone leather used on the Mi 12S Ultra this time is also very good. It not only has the touch of calfskin but also has super dirt resistance, which can be wiped clean.

The most important thing is that it can avoid problems such as “skin peeling” to the greatest extent. This material was mainly used in aircraft seats and yacht interiors. Mi 12S Ultra is also the first in the mobile phone industry.

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