Xiaomi Mi 12X: Slim Design Sub-Flagship Representative


As the lowest-positioned model in the Mi 12 series, Xiaomi Mi 12X, with the same small-sized body and excellent performance configuration, brings Xiaomi a new “small-sized sub-flagship” positioning.

It adopts the popular Snapdragon 870 processor in its performance configuration, stable and smooth performance, and well-controlled power consumption, which has made this chip a good reputation and made Xiaomi 12X a “sub-flagship”. product. Although it is not the latest flagship performance (it is even two generations behind), it is believed that it is still the preferred chip for many people to change their phones.

In terms of appearance design, it almost continues the small size design of Xiaomi Mi 12, which also makes it have an excellent grip. However, the Xiaomi Mi 12X does not have a wild green color scheme, and there are some differences in the back cover process of the purple version. Friends who are worried about color matching can go to the Xiaomi home nearby to compare and make a decision.

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In other configurations, Xiaomi Mi 12X is also relatively comprehensive, with 67W wired charging, 4600mAh battery, 120Hz high refresh rate domestic AMOLED screen, IMX766-led rear three-camera module, etc., almost without shortcomings configured. This bucket configuration also makes its starting price come to 3199 yuan, but some platforms (such as PDD) will provide a good price of 2999 yuan, and you can shop around before making a choice.

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