Xiaomi Mi 12X VS Xiaomi Mi 12 VS Xiaomi Mi 12 Pro: Camera Comparison


The sales performance of the Xiaomi Mi 12 series is very good. According to the official first sales results given by Xiaomi, the first sales of the Xiaomi Mi 12 series sold 1.8 billion in sales within 5 minutes. It can be seen that the Xiaomi Mi 12 series is in the minds of consumers. The popularity is high. However, there are three models in the Mi 12 series, namely Mi 12X, Mi 12, and Mi 12 Pro, so how do choose these three models? Which mobile phone is really suitable for you?

The entry-level version of Xiaomi Mi 12X is priced at 3199 yuan, the entry-level version of Mi 12 is priced at 3699 yuan, and the entry-level version of Mi 12 Pro is priced at 4699 yuan. It can be seen that the price difference between the entry version of Mi 12X and Mi 12 is not much, while the price difference between Mi 12 and Mi 12 Pro is 1,000 yuan. So what is the difference between Mi 12, Mi 12X, and Mi 12 Pro, this article will introduce in detail?


The screen hardware materials of Mi 12X, Mi 12, and Mi 12 Pro are equipped with OLED, OLED, and LTPO AMOLED materials respectively, and the display effect is very good. In terms of screen size, the screen size of Mi 12 and Mi 12X is 6.2 inches, and the screen size of Mi 12Pro is 6.7 inches.

The screen resolutions of Mi 12X, Mi 12, and Mi 12 Pro are 1080X2400 pixels, 1080X2400 pixels, 1440X3200 pixels, and the screen refresh rate is 120 Hz. Mi 12Pro is equipped with LTPO second-generation adaptive refresh rate. Among the three models of the Mi 12 series, the best screen hardware configuration is the Mi 12 Pro, and the Mi 12 and Mi 12X maintain the same screen hardware configuration.


The three models of Mi 12X, Mi 12, and Mi 12 Pro are all equipped with Mi’s new MIUI13 system in terms of software. This is based on the deep customization of the Android 12 system, and the experience is smoother and smoother. In terms of a hardware processor, Xiaomi 12X is equipped with Snapdragon 870 processor, Xiaomi 12 and Xiaomi 12Pro are equipped with Snapdragon 8Gen1 processor.

Although the performance of the Snapdragon 870 processor is completely sufficient in daily life, if you want to experience more powerful performance, then obviously the Snapdragon 8Gen1 is a better choice.

Camera Comparison The Mi 12 is also equipped with a 50 Megapixel main lens + 13 Megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens + 5 Megapixel macro lens combination.

The Mi 12 Pro is equipped with a 50-megapixel wide-angle lens + 50-megapixel portrait lens + 50-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens combination.

In terms of camera hardware configuration, Mi 12 and Xiaomi Mi 12X are equipped with exactly the same camera combination, while the camera hardware configuration of Mi 12 Pro is higher than that of Mi 12 and Mi 12X. If you want a better photo experience, obviously choosing Xiaomi Mi 12 Pro is the best choice.


Xiaomi Mi 12X, Mi 12, and Mi 12 Pro are equipped with battery capacities of 4500 mAh, 4500 mAh, and 4600 mAh respectively. Wired supports 67W fast charge, 67W fast charge, and 120W fast charge respectively, while Mi 12 and Mi 12 Pro support both With 50W wireless fast charging and 10W reverse wireless charging, Mi 12X only supports 67W wired fast charging.

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The differentiation between the three models of Xiaomi Mi 12X, Mi 12, and Mi 12 Pro is very good, and the excessive configuration is also very natural. If you want to choose the best processor, the strongest camera experience, and the most comprehensive charging function, then Xiaomi 12Pro is obviously the best choice.

If you want to experience the strong performance of the Snapdragon 8Gen1, then the Xiaomi Mi 12 is the wisest choice. As for the Mi 12X, you can experience the same hardware experience as the Mi 12, such as the screen, camera, and fast charging, and the price is relatively satisfactory.

After reading this article, which model of Mi 12X, Mi 12, or Mi 12 Pro is more suitable for you.

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