Xiaomi Mi 13 Pro Leaked: 1-inch Super Sony IMX989


Xiaomi has officially announced that the next-generation flagship will be released in the near future. The official did not disclose the specific name of the new flagship. Here it is temporarily called the Xiaomi Mi 13 series.

Blogger I Bing Universe revealed that the rear main camera of the Mi 13 Pro is Sony IMX989. This sensor has a 1-inch super outsole, which was used in Mi 12S Ultra before.

Lei Jun, the founder of Xiaomi, once introduced that the Sony IMX989 was jointly developed by Xiaomi and Sony, and the Xiaomi engineering team participated in the specification definition and part of the design and verification work of the IMX989. The development cost was 15 million US dollars, and Xiaomi and Sony each bore half. This is not only a milestone for Xiaomi, but also a milestone in the field of mobile imaging. Lei Jun called it the “ceiling”.

Compared with the iPhone 13 Pro Max, the Sony IMX989 has a 72% increase in photosensitive area, a 76% increase in light sensitivity, a 32.5% increase in camera speed, and an 11% increase in startup speed.

In addition, Mi 13 Pro is equipped with Qualcomm’s second-generation Snapdragon 8 mobile platform, which improves the overall CPU performance by 35% and energy efficiency by 40%. GPU performance is increased by 25%, and energy efficiency is increased by 45%.

The official stated that Xiaomi’s next-generation flagship refreshes cognition, which may be the pinnacle of performance and battery life in Xiaomi’s history.

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