Xiaomi Mi 4/4c/4S Welcomes The Last Edition Of MIUI 10 Development Version


The Xiaomi MIUI system has been continuously updated for 388 weeks. The maintenance and repair of the old models is quite in place. The little prince like Xiaomi Mi 2 has supported N years, but any product has been completely abandoned.

Xiaomi officially announced today that the MIUI system will release Xiaomi Mi 4, Xiaomi Mi 4C and Xiaomi Mi 4S on September Mi 14, 2018 for consideration of the comprehensive factors such as model release date, model activity, stability and software experience. The last MIUI 10 experience/development version of the model, version 8.9.13, no longer supports subsequent version upgrades.

For users who are striving for stability, MIUI also prepares a stable version of the upgrade program. Users can choose to continue to stay in the development version according to their needs, or make an appointment to upgrade to the subsequent MIUI 10.1 stable version, which is expected to be launched in November.

Development Edition Reservation Stable Version Upgrade Needs To Pay Attention To:

1. ROOT will be automatically Closed.

2, The stable version of the system experience is more stable, there are MIUI 10 natural sound, Portal 2.0 and other features, but there is almost no difference in the overall use of the system.

3. No data will be erased, but it is still recommended to back up important data before upgrading.

4. If you need to update the system, you can select system update, top right menu, download complete package, and reserve stable version. When there is a version push, it will be notified through the notification bar message, or enter the system update again to see if there is a stable version of the push.

Xiaomi said that the decision to stop the three models is based on the comprehensive factors such as the release date of the model, the active model, stability and software experience.


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