Xiaomi MI 6X vs Redmi Note 5, Which One Should to Buy ?


After Xiaomi MI 6X was released, some mi fans who just now bought Redmi note 5 may feel not good. Indeed, from its specs, Xiaomi MI 6x has been improved compared with Redmi note 5, including more powerful processor, Snapdragon 660, three Sony CMOS, USB-C port, and even lighter body  and U type antenna line.

Considering RAM 6GB ROM 64GB version, Xiaomi MI 6X is only 100 yuan, $20 more expensive than that of Redmi note 5. So the former seems a better choice. And then others stand by Redmi note 5 with good reasons.

Back to its specs, Redmi note 5 has battery up to 4,000mAh capacity. it has CMOS 1.4μm pixel and infrared transmitting port at the top, which XIaomi mi 6X doesn’t have.

To be simple, in terms of its cost, they control the net profit within 5%, there is no much difference about which one is more competitive in price, but the key point is in their highlight.

If you choose higher performance, better camera, light design, Xiaomi MI 6X will be more suitable, if you care about its long battery life, infrared remote control, and then Redmi note 5 will be the first choice.

Below are  Xiaomi MI 6x Antutu test score and Redmi note 5 and other models Antutu scores.

Xiaomi MI 6X antutu score

According to their Antutu score comparison, we can see the gap between Snapdragon 660 and Snapdragon 636 is small, in your mind, it is up to your needs, Xiaomi MI 6x or Redmi note 5 ?  Here is the coupon code: M6X0426C  for Xiaomi MI 6x 4GB+64GB at $298.99/€248.16 for all colors.



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