Xiaomi Mi 7 Vs Oneplus 6: Which Flagship Smartphone You Will Choose Powered By Snapdragon 845 


In March 2018, Huawei, Samsung, and Xiaomi’s flagship battle seemed to have just passed, and the big show in may saw it happen again. At present, it has confirmed that there will be Oneplus and other two major manufacturers Xiaomi and Smartisan will release their flagship products in this month. They will each bring Oneplus 6 and Smartisan R1, both of which are their respective flagships of the year in 2018. Even more eye-catching smartphone here is Xiaomi Mi 7.

Although the Smartisan R1 has a big propaganda from the Luo Yonghao (CEO of Smartisan), the real information flowing out is very rare. Please don’t be obsessed with the Smartisan R1. It is just a legend. Relatively speaking, the news of Oneplus 6 and Xiaomi Mi 7 is much more. Under the cooperation of civil sources and the official intentional or unintentional propaganda, these two Smartphones have basically surfaced.

Because of the top configuration and similar price, the flagship of Xiaomi and Oneplus in the past made it easy for everyone to get confused. Now, because of the similar time of the conference, Oneplus 6 and Xiaomi Mi 7 are inevitably competing on the same stage. Well, while the press conference has not yet begun, we will analyze the waves rationally. Who should Xiaomi Mi 7 and Oneplus 6 choose?

The general 18:9 full screen will evolve into Notch this year. This is an undoubted trend. Many manufacturers are only copying apples from domestic manufacturers or only mimic each other. Actually, most Smartphone makers are subject to the supply chain. What kind of screen can the supply chain give? For the market, manufacturers can only choose what Kind of screen. Therefore, everyone can see that notch mobile phone is not practical enough to use. This is just a transition to a full-screen era.

But Notch is also divided into a variety of ah, like Sharp’s beauty tip is the most extreme style, which is only used to place the front camera, the rumor that Smartisan R1 will also use this design. The Vivo X21 and Honor 10 are the most common designs for the notch. In addition to cameras, there are sensors and speaker. The Oneplus official has announced that it will use notch above, in line with the current mainstream level.


The Notch of the iPhone X belongs to another kind. The reason why the width of the iPhone X is larger than the domestic notch phone is that it needs to incorporate more sensors to meet the 3D structured light face recognition. The principle does not need to be described. You only need to understand that its security and accuracy are higher than ordinary 2D face recognition.

According to the latest news, Xiaomi Mi 7 will also carry this technology, and some folk rendition maps and real renders show that its notch area is wide, and the pictures released by the protective filmmakers also show that there are multiple holes in the notch. If the news is true, Xiaomi Mi 7 will become the first Android Smartphone to use 3D structured light face recognition.


As for the back of the phone, the camera setup of Oneplus 6 and Xiaomi Mi 7 will be placed vertically, but in the center, the latter is located in the upper left corner like Mi MIX 2S. Interestingly, Oneplus 6 rear-mounted fingerprint sensor is extenuating.

But Mi 7 with 3D structured light face recognition technology is still equipped with a rear fingerprint module. There are only two possibilities for this, either the news is wrong or Xiaomi does not have enough confidence in this technology.

Xiaomi’s flagship series has always been known for the performance, and Oneplus’s flagship also used the most top configuration at that time, on the basic configuration of performance, in fact, Mi 7 and Oneplus 6 are not faulted.

For the processor, the Oneplus official announced that Oneplus 6 will use the Snapdragon 845 processor, and as an old partner of Qualcomm, Xiaomi also will adopt this flagship processor. The Snapdragon 845 is built on Samsung’s 10nm LPP process and upgraded to the Kryo 385 core. It is still an eight-core architecture with a maximum frequency of 2.8GHz, and processing performance is significantly improved compared to Snapdragon 835. In the GPU segment, the Snapdragon 845 was upgraded to the Adreno 630, graphics performance was increased by 30%, energy consumption is increased by 30%, and video processing efficiency was improved by 2.5 times.

Oneplus 6 couple days ago has already appeared on the Geekbench platform, showing that it is equipped with Snapdragon 845 with 8GB of RAM, running on Android 8.1, and its single-core score is 2402 points, while the multi-core score is 8931 points. According to the data of the Antutu score, the points of the Snapdragon 845 Smartphone can basically exceed 260,000, then whether it is Oneplus 6 or Xiaomi Mi 7, will be long TimeBalster accounted for the Android smartphone performance list.

As for memory, Oneplus officially announced that Oneplus 6 will launch the most luxurious version of their own history, like 8GB + 256GB, is enough to stand out from the crowd, but the price will be great, CEO of Oneplus Pete Lau frankly says that it will break through the 4000 yuan. And Xiaomi Mi 7 should also have the same 6GB+64GB minimum as the Oneplus 6 dazzling. Although Xiaomi Mi 6 does not have an 8GB version, the recently released MIX 2S has 8GB + 256GB version, so Xiaomi Mi 7 will also be launched 8GB + 128GB and above are not excessive.

The strong social attributes of smartphones make the camera function more important, and smartphone manufacturers who are aware this have also begun to increase their investment in R&D. When you go to the product introduction page of any mobile official website, you will find that one of the main features of the product has a high probability of taking a picture.

Compared to Xiaomi, Oneplus’s Smartphone photography ability not disappointed users. In the same price market, the flagship of Oneplus is absolutely the top level, and the new generation of Oneplus 6 is expected to follow this advantage. At present, there is not much news about the camera of Oneplus 6. According to media reports, the Smartphone will carry a dual 20Mp + 16MP rear camera and the front camera will be 16MP. The parameters and the price are the same as the Oneplus 5T. However, Pete Lau could not be so sent to the consumers. In the details of parameters, software optimization, and camera features, Oneplus will certainly not be a minor upgrade and change.

Xiaomi Mi 7, digital bloggers revealed that it will have a rear IMX380 and IMX350 dual camera module. Its means that Mi 7 will use 12MP + 20MP dual camera combination, with a new sensor and AI algorithms, etc and Xiaomi Mi 7 should bring better results.

As for how to be specific, we can refer to Xiaomi MIX 2S. This phone is the best product in the Xiaomi’s history in the camera section, it is known as the rear AI super-sensitive dual 12MP camera with wide-angle lens, supports 4-axis optical image stabilization, F/1.8 aperture, and a 12MP telephoto lens, F/2.4 aperture.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S supports Dual PD dual-core focusing and 4-axis optical image stabilization technology and implements many functions through AI. For example, it can identify 25 kinds of tags and up to 206 kinds of scenes. It has AI dynamic spot bokeh and AI super-resolution. Photographing, AI smart stuff, AI smart translation, etc. The authoritative DxOMark camera review agency in foreign countries divides the MIX 2S camera into 97 points, the same level as the iPhone X. From this point of view, the photo performance of Xiaomi Mi 7 is worth looking forward to.

According to official sources, Oneplus will also launch the Marvel Avengers edition which is a limited edition of Oneplus 6. The appearance of the phone is based on the standard version of Oneplus 6.

The back is made of glass and printed with the AVENGERS logo on the bottom. The appearance is very personal and cool. At the same time, there should be matching system themes or accessories.

In addition, an official teaser on Weibo also hinted at an important feature. The teaser shows an electrocardiogram with the digit “6” in the middle, coupled with the text “Heart moves, moves with the new grasps youth, and controls the heartbeat.” Many media speculations suggest that Oneplus 6 will support the heart rate monitoring function. It seems that Oneplus will start to exert force in the sports and health field.

As for the Xiaomi 7, in addition to the above-mentioned 3D structured light face recognition, there is an important function worth mentioning. At the beginning of last month, some media sources asked Lei Jun ( CEO of Xiaomi) on Weibo that Xiaomi Mi 7 had under-screen fingerprint identification? I did not expect Lei Jun to really reply, he said: chaos to say, really! However, based on our speculation, Xiaomi Mi 7 is unlikely to be equipped with this feature and should launch a special edition like Vivo X21.

According to the live phone picture that is circulated, Xiaomi Mi 7 may have a larger version of Plus, and it is expected that the more targeted Xiaomi Mi 7 Plus will have the fingerprint function under the screen. Finally, Xiaomi Mi 7 and Oneplus 6 will also use a glass body, which provides the basis for wireless charging function. If both phones can be equipped with this function, it will surely lead the popularity of wireless charging in domestic smartphones.

Pete Lau currently releases two messages for the price of Oneplus 6. One is that the price of the top-selling edition has exceeded 4000 yuan, and the second is because the cost of the Snapdragon 845 is too high and the price of Oneplus 6 will increase. We know that the price of Oneplus 5T is 2999 yuan for the 6GB+64GB version and 3499 yuan for the 8GB+128GB version. This means the price of Oneplus 6 will definitely exceed 3000 yuan, and the price of 6GB+64GB is expected to be 3299 yuan.

As for Xiaomi 7, given that the previous model Mi 6 had already broken the myth of 1999 yuan, the price of the phone was definitely not going back. Moreover, in view of the ever-increasing cost ofSnapdragonn 845 and memory and other components, as well as new technology such as 3D structured light face recognition and fingerprint under the screen, Xiaomi Mi 7-fold probability will increase its price again.

According to the spy photos of the upcoming flagship, the 6GB+64GB version of Xiaomi Mi 7 of Xiaomi Mi 7 sold 2799 yuan, according to the previous configuration and merit, this price can be said to be quite a force. Speaking of this, everyone should have a general understanding of Xiaomi Mi 7 and Oneplus 6. If you want to choose, which one you can buy?

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