Xiaomi MI 8 Got MIUI 12.5.1 Update with first Android Gesture Turbo Feature


Xiaomi MI 8 has got MIUI 12.5.1 update (MIUI-V12.5.1.qeACNXm) now.

The update log shows that this update added a series of new features, optimized and fixed problems, etc. The detailed update log is as follows:


MIUI 12.5 Touch imagination, feel reality.


New Android first gesture Turbo, speed response, smooth in the heart.

New calculation power upgrade, 20 times rendering power, this is great.

New model classification, different phones, more smooth.

Optimized system optimization, lighter, faster, more power saving.

[System Sound design]

New notice sound natural Museum, hear all things, immersive.

Add 100 kinds of global biological voice, the beauty of living things, the sound of endless.

【 notes 】

New thinking note function, structured writing tool on mobile phone, one key to generate brain map.

New graffiti function, carefully adjust four kinds of brush delicate restore real strokes.

New doodle quick drawing function, including regular graphics long press automatic correction and line end automatic connection.

New global to-do upgrade to “Shorthand”, view notes, to-do, excerpts at any time.

New extract function, support to extract pictures, words, links to notes in one click (upgrade to 3.1.0 or higher version in the store).

New dynamic grid layout, build the beauty of text order, so that different font size, the same beautiful.

Notes are fully upgraded to notes.

[Input method]

New slide bottom area to quickly move the cursor.

Added function keys at the bottom of the keyboard to support language switching and keyboard switching.

Press the function key at the bottom of the keyboard to call out more functions.

Added bottom full screen keyboard optimized function area for personalized skin.

“Lock screen”

Fixed the issue of desktop wallpaper jumping when the screen is off.

【 browser 】

Added support for custom wallpapers under compact edition.

Optimization of traceless pattern visual design.

Optimized browser kernel for faster loading.

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