Xiaomi MI 8 New Renderings and Specs Leaked, iPhone X Lookalike


Recently Oneplus 6 has been released, which also uses iPhone X top notch screen design, and at the end of this month, Xiaomi MI8 or MI7 will be released, which may also use top notch design, it is said Xiaomi also prepared Xiaomi MI8 smartphone to memorize Xiaomi 8th anniversary, right now the other set of Xiaomi MI8 renderings have been also leaked.

From Xiaomi MI8 concept renderings, we can see whether on its front or back, it looks like iPhone X a lot, both use top notch screen, and the dual rear camera have been designed at the top left of their back.

First, about its screen, from concept images, although Xiaomi MI8 imitates iPhone X, they are not all same, the top notch of Xiaomi MI8 seems a little narrower, compared with Huawei P20 Pro, the top notch screen is larger, on its forehead, it has infrared remote sensor, compared with iPhone X, it supports 3D facial ID.

But  it has an obvious chin, why not remove the chin if MI8 uses top notch, and why remove the chin if it uses under display fingerprint scanner?

On its back, it is a little embarrassing, it has almost same dual rear camera design as that of iPhone X, if from its back, can you tell them? MI8 has two 16MP dual rear camera, supporting AI photographing, which can take photos in many scene.

And this Xiaomi MI8 will use 5.6 inch screen, powered by Snapdragon 845 Octa core processor, Adreno630 GPU, built in 4,300mAh battery, supporting wireless charging and quick charge, coming with RAM 6GB/8GB ROM 64GB/128GB internal storage.

In general, the surprise of Xiaomi MI8 concept images should be 3D facial recognition and under display fingerprint scanner. In terms of its design, it will be the best alternative of iphone X, Will MI8 challenge Iphone X?

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