Xiaomi Mi 8 officially Released MIUI 12 Stable Version: Many New Features


Xiaomi Mi 8 has completed MIUI12 adaptation and received the official version update released.

The volume of this updated package is 763M, and MIUI 12 adds a lot of new features For Xiaomi Mi 8:

Added new physical animation engine, new dynamic form technology, new horizontal and vertical screen switching animation, new visual design, and magazine-level layout, new super wallpaper, new virtual identity ID, new permission settings, new blank pass Support, add real-time reminders of sensitive permissions for new applications, add new application behavior records.

Optimize chain start control, completely prohibit app background wake-ups, add mini window functions, update AI call functions, add new Xiaomi health functions and controls The center has been revised, added Xiaomi Mi Hear, added three-party application dark color function, added train arrival alarm clock and other functions, and updated Google security patches.

  • Turn off the screen
  • Turn the flashlight on or off
  • Close apps
  • Turn on the mobile’s split-screen
  • Take screenshots
  • Start the camera
  • Activate notification tones.
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The first batch of MIUI12 compatible models has been pushed out, and the second batch of models will be gradual will release out before the end of September.


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