Xiaomi Mi 8 SE Review: First Smartphone Powered By Snapdragon 710


Despite the support of under-screen fingerprint scanner and 3D structured light, Xiaomi 8 Explorer version has attracted the attention of many Smartphone user. However, Xiaomi Mi 8 SE, which was unveiled with Mi 8, and Mi 8 Explorer version, is definitely a new product of Xiaomi that cannot be ignored. Currently, it is available in two variants at Geekbuying such as  4GB + 64GB and 6GB +  64GB.

This light flagship title that bears the title of “Global First Smartphone Equipped Snapdragon 710” and it is available in just 1,799 yuan (about $281.42). Such pricing may even make Mi 8 SE even better than Xiaomi Mi 8. Fortunately, Today we will make a simple Review of its characteristics.

“Trumpet” Mi 8

In terms of the product name, this Mi 8 SE adopts the same name strategy as Apple’s iPhone SE (Special Edition), and in the final product form, Xiaomi Mi 8 SE also choose a small-screen route. On the more like a “trumpet” Mi 8 body grip and the traditional 5.2-inch Smartphone close.

However, Xiaomi Mi 8 SE uses a Samsung AMOLED screen with a screen size of up to 5.88 inches, a screen ratio of 18.7:9 with an FHD+ resolution.

However, unlike the large R corner design of Xiaomi Mi 8, Xiaomi Mi 8 SE is more traditional in terms of screen corner processing, but the transition is still great.

Under the fuselage, Mi 8 SE also retained the chin. However, it is worth noting that neither the height of the bangs region nor the width of the chin is more narrow if we compared with Mi 8.

On the back of the body, Xiaomi 8 SE adopts the same layout like as Mi 8, and it has a vertically mounted dual camera and centered entity fingerprint sensor. But it is worth noting that the Mi 8 SE uses a 2D glass design on the back of the body, so the whole terminal will look more square, and because the smaller size of the phone, you can handle it easily and comfortably.

The right side of the body, Mi 8 SE power button, and volume rockers uses a concentric texture design, feels stronger and more easily recognized. The fuselage below and other Mi hones, have canceled the 3.5mm headphone jack, users can type-C turn into 3.5mm conversion line to listen to songs. Overall, as a “Lite Version” of Mi 8, Xiaomi 8 SE provides a good choice for those who like small size phones.

Snapdragon 710 debut

Xiaomi Mi 8 SE is most concerned about its first launch of Snapdragon 710 processor. In any sense, Qualcomm’s first 7-series processor, the SD 710 is a new specs. This processor uses the same 2nd-generation 10nm technology as we find in SD 845, and the non-8-series SoC uses the most advanced technology. This is the first time in Qualcomm’s products.


In addition, Snapdragon 710 also uses the Kryo 360 CPU architecture, with 2 * 2.2GHz large nuclear + 6 * 1.7GHz small core, its GPU part uses the Adreno 616, and the official says that its performance increase of 35%, support QHD + (2K +) resolution, the screen supports up to 21:9 ratio screens. It can also support QC 4+ fast charging technology, while 4×4 MIMO and X15 LTE modems are supported on the network.

Below, we take a look at the measured performance of the Snapdragon 710 on several tests via software:

1- Antutu Score Comparison:

We chose the Snapdragon 660 as the comparison object of the Snapdragon 710. In the Antutu test, in both CPU performance and GPU performance the Snapdragon 710 was better than the Snapdragon 660. Among them, the improvement of the GPU was even greater. According to the test results of both phones, the overall performance is probably increased by 26%.

2.GeekBench Scores Comparison

In the GeekBench test of the mobile phone CPU, the Xiaomi Mi 8 SE equipped with the 710 get 1829 points for single-core that are the increase of approximately 13.7% and its Multi-core score reached at 5,681 points, which is the increase of 19.3%.

3. Comparison of GFXbench test results

We also tested the GPU performance of Xiaomi Mi 8 SE. In a number of off-screen tests, the Xiaomi Mi 8 SE equipped with the Snapdragon 710 which has a significant improvement over the Xiaomi 6X that powered with Snapdragon 660 in all four tests. Overall, it can even reach 30%.

In addition, we also conducted the game test on popular “Jade for survival: Stimulation battlefield” on the Xiaomi Mi 8 SE. The following is the final game data:

It is worth noting that the Snapdragon 710, like the Snapdragon 845, can achieve the high frame rate (40FPS) of the Jedi Survivor: Stimulation Battlefield under high-definition HDR quality, but due to GPU performance limitations, this model frame rate jitter of the next game is still obvious. But overall, the average frame rate of 38 frames is still very good. Therefore, Xiaomi Mi 8 SE is an ideal choice for users with the limited performance but limited performance.

Photographs comparable to the Mi 8

It is worth noting that the Xiaomi Mi 8 SE adopts dual camera with the same specifications as the Xiaomi Mi 8, that are 12MP with 1.4um per unit area, and a large aperture of f/1.9. It also supports Dual PD dual-focus, its sub-camera has some difference it is a 5MP camera with a 1.12um unit pixel area and a f/2.0 aperture.

However, Xiaomi did not show at the press conference that the rear-main camera model of Xiaomi Mi 8 SE would be the same as Mi 8, which is the sony IMX 363 sensor in our test unit. Therefore, the same specifications will not be ruled out in the future. The possibility of other brand sensors.

As for imaging quality, let’s take a look at the Samples:

Like Xiaomi Mi 8, the Mi 8 SE also supports AI photography mode. After turning on AI feature, the camera will be able to identify the scene and perform targeted optimization. Not only that, Xiaomi Mi 8 SE’s own photo quality is also very worthy of recognition, restore the details of the picture clearly in place, the screen sharpness, excellent exposure control, accurate color reproduction, backlight photo details remain intact, can be said to be quite sincere.


Not only that, Xiaomi Mi 8 SE will soon be upgraded to MIUI 10, bringing more intelligent and easy-to-use systems. Coupled with the strong performance of the Snapdragon 710, excellent camera performance, and the perfect screen size, Xiaomi Mi 8 SE has shown satisfactory results in almost all aspect.

More importantly, the pricing of Xiaomi Mi 8 SE 1799 yuan (about $281.42) has also made it a product that everyone can afford. Therefore, if Mi 8 SE becomes one of the best products of Xiaomi sells in 2018, I would not be surprised at all.

We hope that we have awakened your interest in the Xiaomi Mi 8 SE and that this has only served as an appetizer for everything that this great terminal offers. So, if you are thinking, what is the price of this product and where can I buy it? We invite you to the Geekbuying online store where you will find it’s 4GB + 64GB version for a  price at $349.99 after the use of this coupon Code: GKDBRCUN and also you can buy its 6GB +  64GB variant in just $389.99 if you redeem this coupon code: BLIFUUAF.

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