Xiaomi Mi 8 SE: The Premium Version That Would Arrive With 6GB of RAM and 256GB


Next May 31 we will have the opportunity to meet once and for all the Xiaomi Mi 8, which we recognized a few weeks ago as Xiaomi Mi 7. However, the model will not come alone. The firm is expected to release three models and a second would be the Xiaomi Mi Note 5. What will be Xiaomi’s third smartphone? There is evidence to think that it is the Xiaomi Mi 8 SE, whose great particularity would be its 6GB of RAM and an internal memory of up to 256GB.

The media impact reached by Xiaomi exceeds the imagined limits. Each new generation of their smartphones acquires more importance and generates more and more interest on the part of the general public. The product of that unusual interest, a teenager of 15 years who is cataloged as a technology enthusiast has been able to find new clues about the imminent Xiaomi Mi 8.

First details about the Xiaomi Mi 8 SE

Specifically, the aforementioned user, who has published his discovery on Twitter, indicates that searching the HTML code of the official website of Xiaomi has given data that could refer to a premium version of the Xiaomi Mi 8.

As denoted by screenshots, references point to a Xiaomi Mi 8 SE. That model would be distinguished from the Xiaomi Mi 8 mainly by storage capacity, RAM, and available colors.

Always according to the alleged evidence provided by the teenager from India, the Xiaomi Mi 8 SE – which could refer to a Xiaomi Mi 8 Special Edition – will be released in versions with an internal memory of 64, 128 and 256GB, all these with 6GB of RAM.

Matter of colors and memory

Thus, the most obvious differences between the Xiaomi Mi 8 and the Xiaomi Mi 8 SE would focus on internal memory, since the former would only be available with 64 GB.

Similarly, the color would be another of the identifying features of both versions of the Xiaomi Mi 8. The initial version, the “basic”, would come in gray, blue, gold and red. On the other hand, the Xiaomi Mi 8 SE would debut under a color palette that would contemplate black, gold and a bluish white. It is not clear if, in addition to the color, the casing of the Xiaomi Mi 8 SE could be distinguished in turn by the material used for its manufacture, which could well be ceramic, as is the case with the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 SE.

According to the latest teaesr, there are still just 5 days is left from the release. If the information is finally confirmed, the pieces of the puzzle could start to fit as he told us that Xiaomi intends to present three smartphones next Thursday. These, according to the last leak, could well correspond with the aforementioned Xiaomi Mi 8, the Xiaomi Mi 8 SE and the one we met this morning, the Xiaomi Mi Note 5.

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