Xiaomi Mi 8 Vs Huawei P20 Pro Camera Review Will Decide Which Have Better Camera 


I had raised a lot of expectation and, finally, it’s official. The Xiaomi Mi 8 was introduced only a couple of days ago and arrives willing to compete with the biggest of the year. It sports a new design with a screen without frames, a glass back, a dual camera system with artificial intelligence and a powerful technical set. All this with a price, presumably, much lower than that of its most direct rivals.

And since it wants to compete with the high-end models, let’s see how it is defended against them. The first to face the new terminal of Xiaomi is one of the revelations of the year. The Huawei P20 Pro has earned, for most professionals, the mobile title with the best camera of 2018. At least for now. But the P20 Pro is not just a great camera. It also has a lot of power and a good design. So, can Xiaomi’s new mobile with the Huawei terminal? We put the Camera comparison of Xiaomi Mi 8 and the Huawei P20 Pro. So, let’s see which have a better camera module.

From this set of photographs contrast can be seen, Xiaomi Mi 8 delivered a whiter image, described higher exposure, on the other side Huawei P20 Pro is even darker than Xiaomi Mi 8. However, it is still unknown because of the reasons for beauty, but Xiaomi Mi 8 looks better.

from the set can be seen in the photographs contrast, exposure of Mi 8 is significantly higher than P20 Pro from the two columns across color is more obvious aspects. With the Mi 8, the color of the pillars is brighter than Huawei P20 Pro, and the Green plants on both sides of the road is also brighter.

photographs were taken in dark contrast to the environment, the higher in the automatic mode Mi 8 shooting scene exposure, the red building can still legible. The exposure of Huawei’s P20 Pro is less, so the color of the building is obviously difficult to distinguish.

pictures in this group of dark weather conditions, in contrast, you can clearly see the yellow color lines on the road is completely different, high Mi 8 shooting out of the ambient light, the yellow lines on the road more bright. The Huawei P20 Pro shooting environment is too dark, the yellow line of the road is relatively dark.

in the autofocus mode, the trees captured in low light conditions is also obvious differences, Mi 8 captured trees can be more clearly seen on the trunk lines, Huawei P20 Pro is Too dark and difficult to distinguish.

also in the lack of outdoor lighting conditions, the performance of Mi 8 is still much good than P 20 Pro. Regardless of the Green plants on the grass or the red flowers, the photos taken by the Mi 8 were all excellent, while the Huawei P20 Pro appeared to be overall dark and had a general effect.

on the color contrast of these two images, Xiaomi Mi 8 some slightly weaker. The color of Huawei P20 Pro is very bright, especially the light arrangement of Green plants and the reflection of the red area of the fire hydrant, all show a very beautiful effect. Therefore, in this comparison of photos, Xiaomi Mi 8 was slightly weaker, and Huawei P20 Pro performed very well.

is still contrasting color, the higher the overall exposure of Mi 8, so the bench more moderate colors. Due to the low exposure of Huawei P20 Pro, the color of the roadside bench is relatively deep, but the color of the trees in the distance is too deep to cause the details to perform in general. So overall, it is still better for Xiaomi Mi 8 to win.

in this group of photos to be aware of the details of that ground Xiaomi Mi 8 and Huawei P20 Pro shot, Xiaomi due to higher exposure, so grass details were relatively good performance of the ground from Mi 8, while Huawei P20 Pro due to exposure Insufficient degree and loss of detail appears to be serious.

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Update on Nov.15, 2018

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  1. Nice comparison, however I am asking what about a low light performamce, especially in astrophotography purposes?

    I have testet Xiaomi Mi8 and I would like to see the results for Huawei P20 pro too.

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