Xiaomi Mi 8 Youth Edition Will Be Released in Chengdu On September 19th, And water Drop Screen


Time returned to the summer of 7 years ago, Xiaomi mobile phone 1 released the price of 1999 yuan ($292) to make the audience boil for a few minutes, Lei Jun also mentioned in the Xiaomi documentary that the Xiaomi mobile phone 1 conference was unforgettable, and the price of 1999 Yuan ($292), became the initial heart of Xiaomi. price. Relying on the ultra-high cost-effective xiaomi has been rushing all the way in the past few years until this year landing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange to accept the test of capital. However, in the past few years, the market share of Xiaomi’s mobile phone has already been exceeded by competitors such as Huawei OPPO Vivo.

However, in 2016, the introduction of Xiaomi MIX brought a full-screen trend to the world. From that time, Xiaomi blew the horn of the scale rebound. After the competition in 2017, Xiaomi’s hand accelerated and accelerated. increase. However, the days of Xiaomi in the second half of this year are very difficult. The rival Huawei mobile phone surpassed Apple to become the world’s second largest smartphone manufacturer. OPPO and Vivo are still unstoppable, and the product innovation is full. In contrast, Xiaomi’s mobile phone has a small decline, and the stock price has fallen. The issue price, Xiaomi Mi 8 soon after the encounter with Meizu 16th all the way to chase, one time challenge successively Xiaomi urgent need to save themselves.

On Weibo, the peoples broke the news that Xiaomi is about to hold a new product launch conference. Although there is a lot of news on the Internet for Xiaomi Mi MIX3, the protagonist of this conference does not have Mi Mix 3, but a device called “Mi 8 Youth”. It is said that this product starts with 4G RAM and 64GB, up to 6GB+128GB, and the price is 1999 yuan ($292). Xiaomi Mi 8 Youth Edition is between Xiaomi Mi 8SE and Xiaomi 8, plus the exploration version, Xiaomi Mi 8 covers all products from the low-end to the high-end flagship, playing the 1999 yuan ($292) trump price is conducive to the competitiveness of Xiaomi Mi 8 Youth Edition.

At the moment Meizu 16th release Xiaomi Mi 8 quickly cut prices, the price/performance advantage is not obvious, and Xiaomi Mi 8 generation Notch design was copied by the people to attack iPhone X, Face ID is also the design of the follower Apple, but Meizu narrow forehead design in the visual than the Xiaomi Mi 8 beautiful. In the face of Meizu’s squeezing, the price and design of Xiaomi Mi 8 Youth Edition are outstanding.

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In the era of pursuing a comprehensive screen, the price of mobile phones is getting higher and higher. The standard of the flagship machine has already risen to more than 3,000 yuan ($438). The price of 2,000 yuan ($292) is only a mid-level. In the impetuous mobile phone market, Xiaomi mobile phone returns. The initial price is a very good thing, I hope to pull down the price of the current mobile phone, I think the Xiaomi mobile phone 1 not only defeated the cottage but also let the flagship mobile phones of all roads have low heads. Nowadays, Xiaomi’s mobile phone market share is no longer the opponent of Huawei. Even OPPO and Vivo have surpassed Xiaomi. The mobile phone business of Xiaomi’s core has not been very good. The stock price has stagnated, and the global mobile phone growth slows down the market competition. Intense, a little careless will die, can 1999’s yuan ($292) initial heart price save Xiaomi?

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