Xiaomi Mi 9 Indoor Photo Samples: Holographic illusion Purple Phone Pictures


Xiaomi Wangchuan released three more samples of Xiaomi Mi 9 in the mall. From the published real proofs, Xiaomi Mi 9’s photo performance is really good.

Xiaomi Group Vice President, Supply Chain Leader; Zi Mi Electronics Founder and CEO revealed an important message on Weibo: “We have been preparing for a long time, (Xiaomi 9 supply) will not let everyone down “”

Yesterday Xiaomi also released the video of Lei Jun and the new spokesperson Wang Yuan. Lei Jun revealed in the video, “This time the camera of Xiaomi Mi 9 is the one that is particularly powerful.” This morning, Lei Jun released a set of holographic illusion blue tones Xiaomi Mi 9, and in the evening began to show off the holographic illusion purple tone, just released two new pictures.

According to reports, Xiaomi Mi 9 uses a nano-scale laser holographic process plus two-layer coating technology, which creates a unique color. Under different angles and different light, various dazzling rainbow colors will appear, and the metallic luster will be flashed. On the two new pictures, the back of Xiaomi Mi 9 does not look like the same mobile phone at different angles. The various colors on the purple main color complement each other and are very gorgeous.

At present, Xiaomi official has confirmed that Xiaomi Mi 9 uses 48 Megapixels and three shots, and several official renderings have been released. According to previous reports, Xiaomi Mi 9’s camera includes a 48-megapixel main camera + a 12-megapixel sub-camera + a 3D TOF camera.

Lei Jun has repeatedly said that it is no longer possible to use the language to describe the good looks of Xiaomi Mi 9 and see these photos I believe that everyone will love Xiaomi Mi 9. In addition, from the current official photos, it can be seen that the bottom of the Xiaomi Mi 9 only has a symmetrical speaker and a USB-C interface, and there is no 3.5mm headphone jack, and the probability of being placed at the top is very low.

According to reliable sources, the Xiaomi Mi 9 standard version starts at 3,499 yuan ($516.24), while the transparent exploration version starts at 4,999 yuan ($737.55).

The Xiaomi Mi 9 transparent exploration version uses a vertical four-camera design, which has a rear lens than the conventional version of the previously exposed Xiaomi Mi 9. From the current exposure of Xiaomi Mi 9 standard version, the basic can determine which three cameras are: the use of 48MP Sony IMX 586 main camera lens, zoom lens, and a super-wide-angle portrait lens, the fourth lens pieces currently very large may be ToF is used for spatial depth of field detection, and may also be black and white.

Xiaomi Mi 9 is expected to surpass Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 (the first three DXOMark), becoming the most powerful Xiaomi mobile phone in history, and is expected to compete with the mobile phone camera Huawei P20 Pro.

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At the beginning of the year, Xiaomi President Lin Bin exposed the innovative technology of Xiaomi’s screen fingerprints: one-click entry and large-scale blind solution. These two pre-research techniques will be commercially available for the first time on the Xiaomi Mi 9 Discovery Edition. When fingerprints are entered, only one operation is required, and no fingerprint entry is required. In addition, the unlocking range is also many times larger than that of the previous mobile phone, and the basic unlocking can be done without looking at the screen.

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