Xiaomi Mi 9 is Coming: 10GB Memory, Water Drop Screen, 5G Network?


Xiaomi has released a lot of new models this year. Among them, Xiaomi Mi 8 and Xiaomi MI MIX 3 have been very much expected by rice noodles before they are released. After several months of discussion and hype of various renderings, Xiaomi Mi 8 and Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 have finally been released before November. But early, the disappointment is early!

This year, Xiaomi Mi 8 and Xiaomi MI MIX 3 have made the most hopeful mobile phones of rice noodles become the most disappointing for everyone! How to say it, the hardware upgrade is not much, and the battery is also getting smaller, the Xiaomi Mi 8 is a heterosexual screen, and the MI MIX3 is a slider lift camera. However, this is still a good improvement in the camera, and Xiaomi 8 also equipped with the screen fingerprint module, but Xiaomi MIX3 does not.

This Xioami Mi 9 is higher than the screen above! Basically no chin. And the front camera has also changed from a drop of water to a beauty! I don’t know if the Xiaomi mobile phone designer will get any inspiration after reading it, but to be honest, the Xiaomi Mi 9 in Figure 5 is more realistic.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 8150 processor is based on TSMC’s 7nm FinFET process technology. It uses a three-cluster core design similar to the Kirin 980 mobile platform. It has two large cores, two medium cores and four small cores. In the GeekBench database, the Snapdragon 8150 tester uses an 8-core architecture with a processor base frequency of 1.78 GHz, a single-threaded run of 3,697, and a multi-threaded run of 10,469.

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Xiaomi will use the rear three camera combination for the first time. The main camera sensor is Sony’s IMX586 with 48MP effective pixels. The sensor has a 1/2.0-inch CMOS and uses a “Quad Bayer” 4-pixel color filter. In the dark environment, four pixels of the same color can be arranged adjacent to each other to achieve the equivalent of 12MP and a single pixel size of 1.6. The µm sensor has excellent resolution and good night shooting ability.

Xiaomi Mi 8 series has included a number of flagship mobile phones, such as Xiaomi Mi 8, Xiaomi Mi 8 transparent exploration version, Xiaomi Mi 8 screen fingerprint version. As for the Xiaomi MI 9 released next year, the design of the water screen full screen will be adopted in the appearance, instead of the Notch model of the Xiaomi Mi 8 series. As far as the water drop screen is concerned, it has become the trend of the mobile phone market in the second half of 2018. For example, Huawei Mate 20 series, OPPO R17, vivo X23 and other models have adopted the appearance of the water drop screen. Compared to Notch, the water drop screen generally has a higher screen ratio. Of course, for Xiaomi Mi 9, the increase in screen ratio also needs to work hard to reduce the chin area.

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As for the hardware configuration, according to the foreign media’s news speculation, Xiaomi Mi 9is expected to be equipped with a lens of up to 48MP, equipped with an image sensor of 1/2 inch, 4 pixels of the same color filter, etc., I feel that the camera can look forward to. At the same time carrying the legendary S8150 processor, up to 10GB RAM, and support for 5G network, this is not surprising, after all, Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 will also launch 5G version. According to Xiaomi’s practice, we have the opportunity to see this phone early next year.

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