Xiaomi Mi 9 is Coming! The Appearance Has Finally Improved!


If you talk about Xiaomi, then I believe that the first thing that everyone thinks is the pricing of Xiaomi. Because Xiaomi has always been very competitive in terms of pricing from the beginning to the present, this makes Xiaomi mobile phone at that time. Stand out in a fiercely competitive environment. Although last year, Xiaomi listed a lot of mobile phones, but there is no one that can make consumers feel very impressed. For example, Xiaomi 8, although the price is really very cheap, its appearance and unlocking method are It has been squandered by many peoples.

However, in the recent period, some media have exposed Xiaomi’s new phone. According to the information, this new phone is Xiaomi Mi 9. Xiaomi is also very unbelievable when he just saw this exposure news because Compared with Xiaomi Mi 8, this new phone is really too big, so today Xiaomi will share this phone with Xiaomi Mi 9.

First of all, in terms of appearance, Xiaomi Mi 9’s main screen size is divided into two versions, 6 inches, and 6.5 inches. In the current mobile phone market, the size of 6 inches is equivalent to a small screen mobile phone. The 6.5-inch is relatively standard, so if the phone is on the market, you can choose which version to use according to your own habits.

Although the size of the main screen is not the same, the resolution of the two versions is the same, all of which is 2560×1440 pixels, which will make the picture displayed by Xiaomi Mi 9 this phone more detailed. Xiaomi Mi 9 uses the design of water droplets. Although the design of water droplets has been around for a long time, the water droplet area of? Xiaomi Mi 9’s mobile phone is quite beautiful, and it looks like a cheesy feeling.

In the back of the fuselage, the design of three lenses, the pixels have reached 48MP + 24MP + 20 Megapixels, this data is also more advantageous in the mobile phone market. And the front lens, although only one, but the pixel has reached 48MP, from here you can see that this phone is still very good in self-timer ability.

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Configuration, Xiaomi Mi 9 This phone is different according to the size of the main screen, the processor of the 6-inch main screen size is the Snapdragon 710 processor, and the 6.5-inch version of the processor is Snapdragon 855 processor, consumers can choose the version they need according to their own needs.

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